Hand Lenses


TEKS Objective

The student is supposed to collect data from monitorings using easy tools such as hand also lenses, major balances, thermometers, and non-conventional measurement devices.

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Essential Understanding

The student creates abilities crucial to execute clinical inquiry in classroom and also outdoor investigations.

Science Background

Magnifying Glass Information: See It Bigger (website) - A wide range of indevelopment on magnification including history, supplies, lens dimension and also focal length.

Magnifying Glass InformationSee It Bigger, www.seeitbigger.com

Signature Lesson

Magnify It: Science NetLinks (website) - To understand also that there are borders to what the eye can see, and also understand also exactly how a magnifying glass can extfinish those limits, students employ a hand also lens while observing, collecting, recording and comparing indevelopment about assorted prevalent objects.

Magnify ItScience NetLinks, www.sciencenetweb links.com

Supporting Lessons

Is Seeing Believing? K8 Science (PDF) - Students learn around magnification and how the appearance of objects/products have the right to readjusted when regarded with a convex transparent material.

Is Seeing Believing?K8 Science, www.k8scientific research.org

Little Drops of Water: PBS Teachers (website) - Students learn about the properties of magnifying lenses by comparing hand also magnifiers to drops of water. Waxed paper might be used in area of the said “laminating plastic,” in the products list.

Little Drops of WaterPBS Teachers, www.pbs.org

Elaboration Lessons and Extensions

Magnify That: Elementary Globe (PDF) - Students exercise observation abilities, learn what magnification is, and also usage hand also lenses to start to understand how devices deserve to assist in scientific monitorings of incredibly small objects.

Magnify ThatElementary Globe, www.world.gov

Assessment Ideas

Have students attract any object as it appears when magnified with a hand also lens. Then have a classmate attempt to recognize the object each student has attracted.

Literature Connections

What is a Magnifying Glass? Blevins, Wiley (ISBN-13: 978-0516273280)Experiments with a Hand also Lens. Tocci, Salvatore (ISBN-13: 9780516225067)

Related Science TEKS

(2.1A) Science SafetyThe student is expected to identify and show safe practices as explained in the Texas Safety Standards throughout classroom and also outdoor investigations, consisting of wearing safety goggles, washing hands, and using materials as necessary.

(2.1B) Importance of Safe PracticesThe student is supposed to explain the prestige of safe practices.

(2.2A) Ask QuestionsThe student is expected to ask questions about organisms, objects, and events throughout monitorings and investigations.

(2.2B) Plan and also Conduct Descriptive InvestigationThe student is meant to plan and conduct descriptive investigations such as how organisms flourish.

(2.2D) Record and also Organize Documents & ObservationsThe student is expected to document and organize information using images, numbers, and also words.

(2.2E) Communicate and Justify ExplanationsThe student is expected to interact observations and also justify explacountries making use of student-produced information from easy descriptive investigations.

(2.2F) Comparing Results of InvestigationsThe student is meant to compare outcomes of investigations with what students and scientists understand about the civilization.

(2.3B) Make PredictionsThe student is intended to make predictions based upon observable trends.

Related Math TEKS

2.12D The student is supposed to use tools such as actual objects, manipulatives, and also technology to deal with difficulties.2.13A The student is supposed to explain and record monitorings utilizing objects, words, pictures, numbers, and also technology.

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Additional Resources

Tools and Measurement: PBS Teachers (video) - Use the “Magnification Observation” task to familiarize students with magnifying glasses and the microscopic people. Then, scroll toward the bottom of the web page and click “I Magnify,” a music video clip from an episode of Sid the Science Kid.