Ron was lying sprawled on his earlier with his mouth wide open, fast asleep. He did not stir as Harry crossed the room, stepped out onto the landing, and also closed the door softly behind him. Trying not to think of the following time he would certainly check out Ron, as soon as they could no much longer be fmuzic-ivan.infoow students at Hogwarts, Harry walked quietly down the stairs, past the heads of Kreacher’s ancestors, and right into the kitchen.

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Does it likewise expect the location straight behind or in front of a door? Due to the fact that the over paragraph states that Harry was still able to cshed the door even if he was on the landing. So it must expect somepoint else of the landing is pretty cshed to his bedroom?

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asked Jun 14 "14 at 4:49

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The landing is ssuggest the component of the floor next to the optimal or bottom of a flight of stairs. Landings are generally separated from rooms by doors and also wall surfaces. In residences, wright here landings perform not need to be very wide because people are few, doors to bedrooms are often within arm"s reach of a landing.

Where a landing ends and (the remainder of) a hallmeans begins is not that precise. Landings perform not need to be a part of true hallways (or "corridors") however have the right to be surrounded on two or three sides by doors or wall surfaces.

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answered Jun 14 "14 at 8:07

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In the UK (wright here Harry Potter is based), the landing is generally as the area at the height of the stairinstance that you accessibility the bedrooms from.

Landing sizes vary from residence to house, depending upon exactly how many rooms are upstairs.

The Hallmethod (or "hall" as it is more generally known in houses) is the location between the front door and also any type of connecting rooms. Not all British homes have actually a hall, some have actually front doors that open directly into a room.

This shouldn"t be perplexed through the School hall, which is a large room (not unprefer a gymnasium, although without the equipment) wbelow teachers deserve to gather the majority of, if not all, students at once.

To summarise:

Dormitory landing - the location at the top of the stairs that gives access to the bedrooms, regardless of size.

Hall (home) - the location between the front door of a house and the inner rooms.

Hallmeans (home) - watch above

Hallmethod (School) - the corridors in between classrooms

Hall (School) - huge meeting place

Source: I am a indigenous English speaker from the UK.

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answered May 17 at 10:46

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