A chromosome is consisted of of 2 similar halves referred to as which are hosted together by a
sister chromatids, centromere
during interphase chromosomes are uncoiled and also it is dubbed..

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cells containing 2 alleles for each trait are described asdiploid... 2n these are your body cels
cells containing 1 allele for each trait are calledhaploid n... these are your sex cells
one more name for a body cell issomatic cells
another term for gamete issex/germ cell
the femaile gamete isegg
the male gamete issperm
If a humale has 46 chromosomes in a nerve cell that is undergoing cell division, just how many chromosomes will certainly be in the 2 daughter cells?46 in each cell
what regulate the cell cyclecyclin/proein
List the order of phases for the cell cycleInterphase, Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase, Cytokinesis
What is the objective of the cell cycle?Purpose = to produce daughter cells identical to the parent cell
Which phases of the cell cycle are NOT components of mitosis?Interphase and also Cytokinesis
List and describe the 3 parts of interphase.G1 = cell grows, S = DNA/chromosomes are copied,• G2= cell checks for errors and prepares to divide
What is mitosis?Mitosis = department of the nucleus
how is it various from cytokinesis?Cytokinesis = department of the cytoplasm
interphaseCell grows, Chromosomes are duplicated; DNA in develop of chromatin
prophaseChromosomes condense & come to be visible; nuclear membrane disappears, spindle forms
metaphaseChromosomes line up on the middle of the cell
anaphaseSister chromatids are pulled acomponent by the spindle; centromeres break
telophaseNuclear membrane reforms; Chromosomes uncoil to chromatin; Two brand-new similar daughter cells form
What is the objective of mitosis?produce cells similar to the parent, either for growth, repair,or sex-related reproduction
what phase of the cell cycle is the longestinterphase
what phase does a cell spend many of its life inInterphase
What macromolecule monitors a cell’s development from phase to phase during the cell cycle?proteins
What part of the sister chromatid does the spindle fiber affix to?cetromere
What is the result of the cell shedding control of the cell cycle?cancer
What is the purpose of meiosis?Produce haploid cells that are genetically various from the parent cell, For sex-related reproduction, to form gametes via ½ the chromosomes,2 haploid gametes create 1 diploid organism once sperm fertilizes the egg
Wbelow does meiosis take place?in germ cells to form gametes ( sex cells)
Meiosis starts through 1 diploid cell…what does it end with?4 HAPLOID cells
What is a tetrad2 homologous chromosomes that pair together
When does it formthroughout prophase l
exactly how many sister chromatids are in a tetradmade of 4 sister chromatids
explain the process of crossing overparts of DNA break off to sister chromatids and are exreadjusted in between homologous chromosomes
once does it occurthroughout Prophase l
what does crossing over result inshuffles the genes to carry out genetic variation
crossing overexadjust of pieces of DNA between homologous chromosomes
meiosisprocedure where one diploid cells divides into 4 haploid cells
haploidconaining one copy of each chromosomes ( 1/2 of a pair)
zygotea fertilized egg
fertilizationonce sperm joins the egg to develop one diploind cell
How does meiosis preserve a continuous number of chromosomes in the body cells of organisms that redevelop sexually?Meiosis creates the haploid cells (n) egg and also sperm. When sperm joins the egg it makes a diploid cell (2n).

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This avoids the chromosome number doubling each generation of offspring
what variable is the aspect that is purposely changed by the scientistindependent
just how perform scientist organize quanative dataright into charts and graphs
what are the four significant moleclescarbohydprices, lipids, protein, nucleic acid
what are the structure blocks of proteinamino acids
what are the building blocks of nucleic acidnucleotides
building blocks of carbohydratesbasic sugars ( monosaccharides)
what are the building blocks of lipidsfatty acids and glycerol
what sort of macromoleculeis DNANucleic acid
the various enzymes in our bodies are...proteins
what is the function of a lipidlong term power storage, insulation protection
why are folded membranes through in a cell advantagemore surface area to make processes even more efficient
what is the standard company for all living thingscells
what are the 2 types of cellsprokaryotic= no nucleus, basic... eukaryotic= nucleus and also membrane bound organelles, even more complex