a. website developed & edited by users; a publicly accessible individual journal & virtual forum b. a publicly easily accessible individual journal and digital forum; webwebsite created & edited by users c. a log of an individual’s Internet activity; Net activity updated by the user d. a website for companies to gather customer insights; an academic tool to write-up grades & jobs e. an declaring forum; an creative forum
b. a publicly available personal journal and also online forum for an individual or organization; a website whose online content is created and also edited by the continuous teamwork of end individuals

Brand also supervisors can use Twitter strategically to:

a. all of the over. b. run proactivities in genuine time. c. generate brand buzz by arising an main Twitter profile. d. tweet on topics that provide information of value to their customers. e. respond to user objections around a brand also through “re-tweets” to develop more satisfied customers.

What is one way in which the Web has actually changed and brought around the term “Internet 2.0?”

a. Faster routers allowed for much faster service. b. The technical interconfront of the Net has actually significantly changed given that 2004. c. Net content deserve to currently be repeatedly modified by all individuals in a participatory fashion. d. The capability to accessibility the Net from smartphones. e. Internet 2.0 is the most-provided Net internet browser

Social media declaring is valuable to brand supervisors because consumers are __________.

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a. end-receivers that buy assets virtual. b. standard consumers that buy commodities in retail stores. c. traditional receivers that browse assets online. d. active receivers who sfinish UGC to both friends and advertisers. e. captive receivers that buy assets digital.

Social netfunctions can be classified based upon (1) __________ and (2) __________.

a. media richness; self-disclosure b. blogs; wikis c. internet browsers; apps d. textual; visual e. user produced content (UGC); marketer-generated content (MGC)

The level of acoustic, visual, & individual call between 2 communication partners is described as ___, whereas the degree to which a person’s thoughts, feelings, likes, & dislikes are made public is described as __.

a. media richness; self-disclocertain. b. self-disclosure; media richness. c. social degree; emotional worth d. emotional value; social level. e. media richness; user-produced content.

An “active receiver” that is “delighted” via the brand also advertised and also sends messages to his/her digital friends about the brand also is referred to as a(n) __________.

a. “end-receiver” b. “evangelist” c. “expert” d. “follower” e. “typical consumer”

As a performance measure, share of voice is ______

a. the percentage of comments users are making on the distinctive videos posted around a product. b. the brand’s share or percentage of all the online social media chatter related to a product category. c. the number of individuals chatting digital around a brand also or product.. d. the variety of individuals tweeting around a brand also. e. the variety of comments individuals are making on a product or a brand.
b. the brand’s share or portion of all the online social media chatter related to a product category or topic.

The complete variety of world who affix through a Post (for instance, “like” or make a comment) split by the full number of human being seeing the Post is the ______________

a. interactivity price. b. fan rate. c. liker price. d. reader rate. e. energetic receiver price.

Online media wbelow users submit news, photos, and also videos—regularly accompanied by a feedearlier procedure to recognize “popular” topics—is referred to as ______________.

a. social media. b. Facebook. c. rich media. . d. avatar media. e. feedback loop.

The variety of civilization who have “opted in” to a brand’s messages via a social media platform at a given time are referred to as

a. followers b. likers c. fans d. tourists e. active receivers

While both conventional media and social media have the right to reach either a big audience or a niche audience, social media are different from traditional media because _____

a. social media just reaches niche audiences. b. social media cant be transformed after publication. c. manufacturing of typical media need specialized skills and also a team of civilization. d. social media is relatively expensive to create. e. typical media include Facebook and Twitter.

Brand also managers can strategically use LinkedIn to:

a. build the photo of their brands. b. netoccupational via industry-connected groups. c. discover sales leads. d. organize discussion teams. e. every one of the over.

Aside from an individual Facebook Page, what is the various other mode of declaring on Facebook?

a. They are included right into the “newsfeed” on a Facebook user’s residence page. b. Messeras sent to the inbox on a user’s profile web page. c. Facebook does not enable various other forms of heralding. d. Ads appear on the right-hand side of a user’s profile web page. e. Pop-up ads appear after a user logs in.

The statements about (UGC) are true EXCEPT:

a. UGC is consumer-generated by an individual exterior of a expert company. b. UGC is publimelted on a publicly obtainable webwebsite and also created by finish individuals. c. UGC is reposting an post found in a newspaper or magazine without editing and enhancing. d. UGC mirrors a far-reaching imaginative effort. e. UGC is not ssuggest e-mail, but is published on a publicly available webwebsite.

Anvarious other term periodically provided interchangeably via “social media” is __________.

a. peer-to-peer netfunctioning b. Net 2.0 c. user produced content d. net platforms e. Internet 3.0

Computer-based networks that cause actions by sensing alters in the real or digital people are recognized as ____________

a. convergent devices. b. social networking sites. c. intelligence technologies. d. worldwide marketing platdevelops. e. smart devices.

Ideal performance measure heralding on Facebook is one that charges companies:

a. a fee each time their ads present up in pop-up home windows after customers log onto the website. b. a fee for creating ads that show up on Facebook. c. a cost-per-click for ads that show up alengthy the right-hand also area of a Facebook Page. d. a fee for emerging Facebook Peras for brands. e. eincredibly time their brand is discussed in users’ comments.

The __________ meacertain many very closely ties the cost of the social media ad to the sales revenues the ad generates.

a. cost per activity b. resolved fee rate c. expense per view d. price per click. e. price per thousand also

Thturbulent a netoccupational of businesshuman being well-known as __________, members of LinkedIn gain an advent to someone they wish to know with a mutual, trusted contact.

a. “colleagues” b. “friends” c. “connections” d. “followers” e. “contacts”

Pinteremainder is:

a. a virtual bulletin board and content-sharing social netjob-related that permits civilization to share images by creating customized, themed “boards” to categorize their imperiods and also then sharing them. b. a business-oriented website that lets individuals write-up prodocuments to attach to organization human being. c. a video-sharing website in which customers can upfill, check out, and talk about videos. d. a webwebsite where users create an individual profile, and exchange comments, photos, videos, “likes."
a. a online bulletin board and also content-sharing social netoccupational that enables human being to share images of their favorite things by developing customized, themed “boards” to categorize their imeras and then sharing them with other members of the area.

Cost per thousand also is a measure in which _______.

a. a addressed amount of money is passist to a website for posting an ad for a finite amount of time. b. a solved amount of money paid to the website for eextremely visitor who clicks on an ad. c. a solved amount of money passist for eexceptionally sale that originated from an ad posted on that website. d. a resolved discount provided for clicking on an ad. e. a resolved amount of money is phelp for every 1,000 times an ad lots and also a visitor could view it.
e. a fixed amount of money is phelp for every 1,000 times an ad lots and a visitor might check out it—however not whether the user has actually actually reacted to it.

A manager tries to select social networks from hundreds. This involves assessing (1) the number of day-to-day travellers to the webwebsite and also (2) __________.

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a. the capability of the social netjob-related to pull content b. the site’s ability to improve the odds of a firm’s assets arriving in user searcs c. the characteristics of these visitors d. the availcapacity of social network to run apps e. the capability of the website to be measured in terms of its sales, profitability, distribution and also others.

Marketing a brand also in YouTube include: (1) develop a channel wealthy in essential words and (2) __________.

a. include humorous content to attract viewers b. usage an expert to inform the audience about product functions and also benefits c. tie the product to a current political/news occasion d. limit the video to one minute or less e. targain viewers by using YouTube’s insights and also analytics research study to disclose the number of views, wright here they originate within YouTube
e. tarobtain viewers by making use of YouTube’s insights and analytics study to disclose the variety of views, wright here they originate within YouTube, and also what essential words are driving user visits

A Facebook Page contains the complying with elements that are of interest to brand managers EXCEPT:

a. Facebook Page posts that show up in the Newsfeed. b. analytics about users c. the number of human being that clicked the “Like” button. d. the ability to “tweet” a talk about an ad the firm has posted. e. a cover image.