I recently flew Virgin America for the initially time, and also controlled to upgrade to First Class from Main Cabin Select (watch Virgin America First Class Review). While I taken into consideration upgrading aobtain on the rerevolve flight, eventually I decided not to also attempt, for a few reasons:
1. The hassle through not being able to upgrade virtual last time, and not learning whether they"d addressed this yet or whether I"d likewise must call in;
2. Not wanting to remain as much as 1:10am (considering that you have the right to just upgrade to First Class 6 hours prior to the flight), specifically if, due to 1., it was in vain because of digital snafus;
3. Figuring >$300 for 2 upgrades was a little bit steep, since it was a morning trip presumably they"d serve breakquick, not lunch; and
I kbrand-new of course that I wouldn"t be maxing out the Main Cabin Select benefits the way people that actually pay for it carry out, and also that was fine because our tickets were already in Key Cabin Select using voucher codes purchased as a Gilt City Deal, so ~$400 per roundtrip long haul ticket.

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Main Cabin Select seats are sindicate the bulkhead seats, which have extra legroom, via these additional benefits:
Priority check-inOne free checked bagDedicated overhead bin spaceAll entertainment is complimentary (in consistent Main Cabin seats, full-length movies are $5-8 and Premium TV alternatives are $2-7)Free food (usually $4-9 for sandwiches and also salads and also $3-5 for snacks)Free drinks (generally $6-8 for alcoholic drinks and also $2-3 for premium non-alcoholic drinks)
Exactly the same seats as Key Cabin: no greater width or reclineMiddle seat is not blocked, so opportunities are tbelow will be 3 passengers in your row, same as in the other Key Cabin seatsOnly 2 lavatories for the whole Main Cabin and Key Cabin Select: we queued for around 15 minutes, which is a long time for a little child.
Because we weren"t checking any type of bags, I print boarding passes ahead of time and lately it seems I"ve been lucky sufficient to get priority in the security lines ssuggest by traveling alone via my 4-year old, the primary benefits to us were the additional legroom, dedicated overhead bin area, and the complimentary food and also drinks.
We landed on the gate without incident and the flight attendant that greeted us was particularly friendly, also inviting my kid to say hello to the pilots as we boarded (joking that they were currently in a great mood as she"d provided them some coffee), which was a nice touch, even though he was as well shy to endeavor right into the cockpit.
This time, tbelow was no one in our seats (last time an additional first class passenger was in among our seats) so that was an improvement also. And while you have the right to never before tell exactly how passengers will certainly react once they check out that a child will be in their row, our fellow passenger in the aisle seat was very gracious, also helping us stow our bags, and throughout the trip, once we required to obtain out or back right into the row.
The bulkhead is extremely roomy, and as soon as we were airborne and also could retrieve hand baggage, we used the extran area in front of him throughout the trip to store the backpack containing all his books and also tasks. The tray tables for Main Cabin Select slide out from the divider in front of you, which I uncovered more convenient and also much less awkward than extracting them from the armremainder. I additionally appreciated the plug outlet, so I didn"t have to worry around computer system battery life. As usual, I found Gogo WiFi on the slow-moving side, however obviously that"s not Virgin"s fault.
Even prior to taking off, I was likewise able to use the IFE to preorder some food and a tea for me. I was pleasantly surprised just how quickly after we were at cruising altitude we got our food. The touchscreen technique of ordering food and drinks is nifty, and also if you"re in Main Cabin Select, all the prices are $0 so there"s no require for a credit card swipe once discovering.

The fruit and also cheese plate was traditional fare, however specifically what my child wanted to munch on (even though he"d already had some breakrapid grain and yogurt earlier). It had red and green grapes, cheddar, swiss and also smoked gouda cheeses, a dried apple slice, a fig and some rosemary lavosh crackers. I didn"t check out any type of pecans even though it was meant to incorporate them.

A few hours in, I gained hungry and ate the turvital croissant, which came with not only roasted turvital and Swiss cheese, yet additionally some hardboiled egg and some tangy Dijon mustard (I favored it but my boy made a face), a fruit cup, and yogurt.

Because my boy had actually consumed some of the turvital croissant and also the yogurt, I additionally obtained a Sicilian Club Sandwich: rosemary ciabatta via roasted turessential, ham, salami, lettuce, tomatoes, provolone, sweet pepper and also roasted tomato spread. It was ok, but I desired the turessential croissant.
Other food selections consisted of Pastrami on Rye, Asian Vegetable Salad, Chickpea Salad Wrap, BBQ Roast Beef Half Wrap, Peanut Butter and Banana Half Sandwich, Hearty Meal (salami, crackers, cheddar cheese, Welch"s fruit snacks, cranberry almond cookies), Protein Meal (Bumble Bee lemon pepper tuna, bagel chips, tomato hummus, crackers, almonds, Craisins, Toblerone chocolate) and also Jet Set Kid Pack (strawberry dip"ems snacks, Ritz peanut butter crackers, Goldfish crackers, Fruit by the Foot, earbuds and also slide puzzle).
I additionally acquired a tiny bottle of the Hayes Ranch Merlot in the direction of the end of the flight–it was passable, although not as good as the wine we usually gain at Trader Joe"s.

Tright here were, of course, many other drinks on sell that I didn"t attempt bereason I do not usually have mixed drinks or spirits (and also particularly not in the early on afternoon). All food, drink and also entertainment choices are on Virgin America"s Web site.

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So would I ever pay for Key Cabin Select if I didn"t have actually a voucher that enabled me to obtain it for around $400 roundtrip? Unquestionably no, if the fares that I freshly looked up are anypoint to go by. I picked some random dates in May for JFK-SFO, which is the route we flew, and uncovered that while the cheapest Main Cabin Seats were $149 each means plus taxes, or a little bit over $300 all in, Main Cabin Select was repeatedly $547 each way, for a whopping $1093 round pilgrimage.

Ok, so what around just buying Key Cabin and also then upgrading to Main Cabin Select 24 hrs prior to the flight? While this is absolutely a lot cheaper, the upgrade for JFK-SFO, which is a lengthy haul trip, is $129 each way. So would certainly you pay $129 for additional leg room, priority check-in and also free food and drinks? At that price suggest I would certainly most likely sindicate look for a cheaper JetBlue flight (because even regular seating has actually ample sufficient legroom for me) and carry my own food, which is much better than Virgin"s anymeans and also wouldn"t expense me more than $15. But if you"re attached to Virgin"s mood lighting, entertainment, excellent looking trip attendants, have to guarantee access to onboard WiFi and also a power outlet or simply have actually the appetite of a sumo wrestler or you drink like a fish (or every one of the above) you can discover the upgrade worthwhile