From the MCU to "Mallrats," Stan Lee has come to be a genuine movie star. We sort via the excellent, the bad, and the ugly of his many kind of cameos.


10. “Spider-Man”

Before “perv” ended up being the default Stan Lee cameo personality, Sam Raimi tried him out as a hero form. Lee doesn’t have a lot screen time in “Spider-Man,” yet he offers it to conserve a little girl from the falling debris led to by Peter Parker’s first battle via the Eco-friendly Goblin. In a scene that was wisely reduced from the film, Lee doubled up as a street seller that sells Parker a pair of sunglasses while moving the immortal line: “Hey son, would you choose a pair of these glasses?” A potentially expensive moment for world who’ve never before noticed that Stan Lee wears sunglasses. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

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9. “Thor: Ragnarok”

While the majority of of Stan Lee’s Marvel cameos are happy to elicit a smile of recognition (or even a hearty cheer from an opening-night audience), Taika Waititi dared to dream bigger. He actually wanted Lee’s appearance to be funny, and also not simply a disarming reminder around the raveras of time. Mission achieved. After exacting his revenge on Iron Man in “Civil War,” he’s gifted an possibility to obtain ago at Thor for reflecting him up in “Age of Ultron.”

Lee mirrors up on the trash world of Sakaar (have to specify which trash earth we’re talking about these days), wright here he’s tasked with cutting Thor’s immortal hair. Of course, acquiring a haircut on Sakaar isn’t prefer walking into your local supercuts — there’s some type of enormous whirling torture gadget connected, and Lee wields it via sufficient glee to make it feel choose we’re watching a deleted scene from “Hostel.”

8. “Mallrats”

Believe it or not, Stan Lee has cited this mid-’90s Kevin Smith comedy as his favorite of the movies in which he’s showed up —it’s definitely among his meatier roles. He shows up as himself couple of times throughout the film, most notably at the finish once he offers the young hero some sage romantic advice. He additionally talks about The Thing’s penis and also claims that he’s had actually sex with more woguys than Mick Jagger, establishing the tone for so many of his future cameos.

7. “Avengers: Period of Ultron”

Lee, potentially still bitter around being unable to lift Thor’s hammer, gets a bit fed up listening to the rippling demigod prattle on about the stamina of Asgardian liquor. Playing a WWII veteran that scored an exclusive invite to one of the Avengers’ celebratory bashes, he doesn’t take well to the principle that OdinBooze wasn’t created mortal men: “Neither was Omaha Beach, blondie. Stop trying to streatment us.” After the party, an utterly shitchallenged Lee is escorted home by 2 random Stark employees. “Excelsior…” he mumbles, a reference to Lee’s old sign-off. It’s a cute scene, and one that helps to resituate the Avengers in the pantheon of Amerideserve to heroes.

6. “Spider-Man 3”

For the 3rd and also last time, Raimi has Lee serve a ethical function — and this time, he doesn’t even have to dodge any kind of failing debris. “You understand,” he claims to Peter Parker, “I guess one person have the right to make a difference.” Not only does the line sheight to the toll and consequence of Spider-Man’s personal responsibility, it likewise resonates because of Lee’s inestimable contributions to the superhero genre, and the whole of America’s collective creative thinking.

5. “Captain America: Civil War”

Finally gaining his revenge on Tony Stark for that entirety Hugh Hefner point, Lee mirrors up at the finish of “Civil War” as a FedEx delivery male whose gained a package for a “Tony Stank” (a mispronunciation that Rhodey enjoys very much, and also Tony enjoys not at all). It’s enough to make you wonder exactly how lengthy it’s been since someone didn’t recognize that Stark was — because someone composed “Tommy” on his Starbucks cup. Eexceptionally movie that grosses even more than a billion dollars need to finish through a billionaire being lightly humiliated for our amusement. A actual billionaire would certainly be ideal, yet a fictional one would certainly do in a pinch.

4. “Doctor Strange”

The good thing about Stan Lee’s “Doctor Strange” cameo is it’s multi-dimensional. Doctor Stselection and also Baron Morexecute slam right into the side of a bus, wbelow they see Lee analysis Aldous Huxley’s “The Doors of Perception” while laughing off the standard ideas behind their superpowers. Not only is it a clever reference, yet it’s also a fun, additive, vaguely Spielbergian beat in the middle of a bonkers action sequence. In addition, it’s a beneficial reminder that Huxley was hilarious (“Brave New World” was really the “Bossypants” of its day).

3. “The Amazing Spider-Man”

Anvarious other instance of just how so many type of of the finest Stan Lee cameos are likewise the a lot of ambitious, Lee’s appearance in “The Amazing Spider-Man” is difficult to miss out on — director Marc Webb locations him in the extreme foreground of the film’s key fight scene, the Marvel guru jamming out to some classical music under a pair of gigantic headphones, entirely oblivious to the carnage in the library behind him. Spider-Man also hregarding go out of his way to keep Lee from being hequipped. If just eincredibly (or any) various other scene in the film presented this sort of multi-level visual dexterity.

2. “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”

Here, it’s suggested that Stan Lee actually belongs to an alien race dubbed the Watchers (or is, prefer, Watcher-adjacent) and has actually been playing the exact same character in eincredibly single among these cameos the entire time! Even, um, when he was Larry King. MCU honcho Kevin Feige rationalized the decision as a nod to the idea that Lee exists “above and acomponent from the reality of all the films,” which is virtually as sweet as Lee’s post-credits kiss-off: “How will certainly I acquire out of here? Aw, gee, I’ve got so many kind of more stories to tell!”

1. “X-Men: Apocalypse”

Bryan Singer’s fourth (and presumably final) X-Men movie isn’t really one for the record books, yet it deserves a modicum of credit for taking some too much steps. For one thing, Magneto destroys Auschwitz (which was, uh, rather a point to see while inhaling popcorn at a multiplex in the middle of summer). For another, Stan Lee is actually referred to as upon to act, and also not just present up and also parrot a straightforward line. Singer cuts to Lee for a reactivity swarm after En Sabah Nur launches all of Earth’s nuclear orlittle into area, and also the look on Lee’s challenge conveys the horror and also confusion of watching the finish of the civilization unfold from a mortal POV. Some can feel that Lee’s appearance distracts from one of the even more emotional components of the movie, however the truth that he’s standing beside his late wife Joan adds a genuine poignancy that more than justifies the choice.

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