So, you"re considering a nipple piercings. Here is all the information you should recognize so that you are well-indeveloped and also feel confident when you lastly pierce your nipples.

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The the majority of widespread jewelry supplied for a nipple piercing is a 14 gauge (14G) barbell, yet you could gain pierced through 16G (thinner than 14G) or even 12G (thicker than 14G) depending upon your nipple size. You will certainly many generally be pierced with a straight barbell. A good piercer will certainly pick only high high quality steels prefer titanium, 14k gold, or 18k gold. In the previous, CBRs (captive bead rings) were a famous option as the initial jewelry for nipple piercings, however they have actually gone to the wayside because of the large diameter forced to attain a right piercing as well as their tendency to obtain bumped and snagged. (Once your piercing has healed, yet, you can switch to a CBR if that"s your preferred style.)

The size of the barbell supplied will certainly depend on the size of your nipples and your piercer’s preferences. It can be almost everywhere from 3/8-inch to 1/2-inch long. The initial jewelry will need to be lengthy sufficient to accommodate swelling. If your nipples swell sufficient to push on the ends of the jewelry, you will have to be fit through a larger item, otherwise you hazard jewelry rejection or embedding.

Your nipple piercing is healed. Now what?

You adhered to every one of the advice, and you’re completely healed. Now for the fun part: shopping for brand-new gold nipple rings to adorn your sexy nipple piercing.

It’s vital to understand your size. If in doubt, you should check out our body jewelry sizes. Generally, you desire to look for 14G or 16G nipple jewelry via a wearable length of at least 5/8-inch.

If you worth your piercing, you"ll constantly want to stick to high quality products, such as nickel-free solid gold, when buying a brand-new nipple ring. The factor for this is that these valuable steels are more pure and also tend to have fewer alloys that your nipple have the right to react to.

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Nipple piercing jewelry styles:


Straight Barbells

Even though straight barbells are the a lot of standard form of nipple jewelry, they can array from basic to elaborate, allowing you to make this classic item your very own. It"s a bar via a ball on each finish. Barbells are either internally threaded or externally threaded. Internally threaded jewelry is typically an indication of higher quality, which is why, at, every one of our threaded jewelry is threaded internally, atexperimentation to the top quality of our jewelry pieces.

At, we have actually a comprehensive repertoire of internally threaded 14k gold straight barbells through opals, pearls, diamonds, and other vivid gemstones.


Circular / Horseshoe Barbell

Also a very frequently used piece for nipple piercings, these market a much more masculine look yet are additionally available via gemstones or diamonds for an extra feminine and also dazzling look. Circular barbells are a comfortable, basic style that many type of human being opt for.


CBRs (Captives or Captive Bead Rings)

Like circular barbells, captives are staples that a lot of world via a nipple piercing have in their jewelry repertoire. Perfect for those moments once you"re trying to find basic comfort, CBRs consist of a hoop via a ball that you pop in and also out.


Segment Rings & Seammuch less Rings

Seammuch less Rings: The name claims it all; these are a seammuch less hoop. Unlike CBRs, seamless rings are a continuous circle. To insert, separate the two ends (up and dvery own, never before acomponent or you will permanently bfinish it out of shape) and glide it with your nipple piercing.

Segment Rings: These look choose seamless hoops, yet similar to the round on a captive bead ring, the segment is a item that you pop in and out of the hoop.


Nipple Clickers

Hinged clickers are conveniently coming to be a favorite kind of nipple jewelry. The hinged device makes it basic to open and also cshed for basic insertion, and also you"ll never before have to problem around shedding attachments.


Curved Barbells

Some human being opt for curved barbells quite than a right barbell. This type of barbell is just prefer the straight barbell, yet it has a slight curvature to the bar.

Twister Spiral BarbellAs the name means, a twister barbell is a twisted spiral that you thcheck out through your piercing and secure via a screw-on sphere. They come in a variety of diameters and gauges; but, the shorter pieces are best to wear in a nipple piercing. It’s as comfortable and looks exceptional.
DangleDangle nipple rings attribute specifically what you would certainly expect: a dangle element. You can opt for simpler layouts or even more elaborate looks. Take treatment when wearing dangle nipple rings as they have the right to snag on apparel. Save them for unique occasions to maintain their quality and also your piercing.
Non-DangleEncompassing a broad selection of formats, non-dangle nipple rings incorporate CBRs, circular barbells, and also right barbells through straightforward adornments. These are the best for everyday wear, however remember, the even more fancy the piece, the even more treatment it requires to prevent damages.

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Nipple ShieldsEverybody through nipple piercings should have actually an exotic nipple shield. Once again, you need to conserve these for distinct occasions as they are quite big and intricate and may reason some discomfort after expanded wear.