Fig 1: Source: <3>Acceleration is the rate of readjust of velocity. It is a vector that includes the direction and magnitude. We deserve to compose the formula of acceleration as below:



Source: <2>

Tbelow are two types of acceleration: average acceleration and also instantaneous acceleration. Median acceleration is the ratio of the complete adjust in velocity to the full time interval<2>. Whereas instantaneous acceleration issue about the price of adjust of velocity at a certain minute in time. We are considering average acceleration as the acceleration in this write-up.

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The price of change of velocity in average acceleration can be characterized as below:




Source<2>Hopeful acceleration and also negative acceleration

Typically, we call acceleration a positive acceleration when the object moves in the positive direction(left to right) and the rate of readjust of velocity is positive(velocity is increasing). The acceleration is negative when the object is moving in the positive direction, yet the price of readjust of velocity is negative(velocity is decreasing).

Fig: 2: Confident and also negative acceleration in an unfavorable direction. Source: <1>

We have the right to also define these 2 acceleration once an object travels in the negative or opposite direction(ideal to left). In this situation, the direction of the object is negative, and the price of adjust of velocity is positive(velocity is increasing), then we deserve to contact it negative acceleration. It is the same as an object decreasing the velocity in a positive direction. Similarly, the price of readjust of velocity decreases in the negative direction is considered positive acceleration as it means enhancing the rate in a positive direction.

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Acceleration and also deacceleration. Source<4>

A widespread intuition is that deacceleration is an unfavorable acceleration. It is true in the positive direction however not true in the opposite direction. As depicted in fig 2, deacceleration deserve to be positive or negative acceleration, yet it always has actually an adverse worth for the price of readjust of velocity(velocity is decreasing).