As longwear nail lacquers proceed to make a statement among typical nail polishes, many are left wondering: What’s the distinction between the two? Here, CND co-founder Jan Arnold weighs in.

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What is the difference in between consistent and longwear lacquer?

Regular nail lacquer is based on a conventional (60-plus years old) nitrocellulose formula that contains pigments, solids and solvents that, as soon as applied to the nail, gets old. It instantly begins to dry out, micro-crack and also display wear, loss of shine and adhesion. This leads to chipping and also peeling of the manicure within days of the initial application. Back in the day, we also instructed our clients to apply a fresh layer of peak coat eextremely 3 days tofill in those micro-fractures in order to make it all the method to five-day wear. Crazy, right?

Longwear innovation is a new scientific research (CND was the first to introduce and also innovate it!) via improved resiliency, adaptability and also toughness. We formulated CND Vinylux to be a two-action system through a self-adhering color coat and adhesion promoters designed to attach to the herbal nail for seven-plus days of wear without lifting or separation. This innovative color coat consists of long-wear long lasting polymers that go much past traditional cellushed for elevated performance and also long wear. The Vinylux Top Coat is designed through customized oligomers that gain tougher over time through exposure to natural light. Since of the progressed performance of longwear nail polish, removal requirements an acetone-base remover and a resilient lint-complimentary pad with an energetic touch.

How must longwear lacquer be applied to ensure extra-long wear?

Extra-lengthy wear of any type of nail coating requires a pristine preparation of the herbal nail plate. Perdevelop a manicure and also rerelocate cuticle from the nail plate. Remove contaminants from the surchallenge of the nail through a watermuch less herbal nail cleanser and also short-term dehydrator.

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Blend the polish before use by turning the bottle upside dvery own and also rolling it between your palms. This will homogenize the ingredients for an also distribution of the color on the nail. Application of longwear nail polish calls for floating the shade on in thin also layers. Once on the nail, this will assure appropriate and also evaporation of the solvents, leaving a smooth and also even layer of the solids and also pigments behind. Allow each layer to dry before using the following layer. Usually just two coats are needed. Apply a layer of Vinylux Top Coat, then end up through hydrating cuticle oil.