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One-Syllable Word

What is the longest One-Syllable Word in English?The one a lot of generally cited is screeched (nine letters). However before, one should point out likewise scratched, scrounged, scrunched, stretched, and the plural nouns straights and toughness (all with nine letters).The finish Oxford English Dictionary also suggests the visibility of scraughed, scrinched, scritched, scrooched, sprainged, spreathed, throughed, and also thrutched.The Oxford English Thesaurus also cites a solitary instance of the ten-letter word scraunched from the 1620 English translation of Don Quixote.English is spoken as a First Language by even more than 300 million people throughout the people and offered as a 2nd Language by many kind of millions even more. One in 5 of the world"s populace speaks English with an excellent level of competence and also within the next few years the number of civilization speaking English as a Second Language will certainly exceed the number of Native Speakers.Related Links:•How many kind of is a Billion? •How do you explain a Human who does not eat meat, but eats fish? •What is the word for an individual of arbitrary sex here? •Besides Angry And Hungry, what is various other English word that ends in -gry? •Are tright here any Words via 5 Vowels in any type of order through no intervening...?•I have review that the longest word is 1,909 letters lengthy. Is this true? •Is Bookkeeper the only word through 3 consecutive repeated letters?•Is tbelow a word for a Baby Hedgehog?•Is tbelow a term for the Study of Love?•Is Deliverables a genuine word?•Are there any words that only exist in the Plural Form?•Are tbelow any Word containing the exact same letter three times in a row?•Are tbelow any words that Rhyme With Orange?•Are there words that contain The Letter Q without a U complying with it?•Does Bimonthly expect twice a month or eincredibly two months?•What is the feminine identical of Brethren?•The name for a sentence that has All 26 Letters of the alphabet:•What are the Commocolony English Words?•What is the Third Word ending in -shion acomponent from cushion and fashion?•Is tbelow a word prefer Siblings for nephews and nieces collectively?•Is tright here a word which describes the Fear of Friday the 13th?•What is the cumulative term for a Group of Cats?•What is the feminine indistinguishable of a Misogynist?•What is the difference in between Street and Road? •What is the Longest English Word containing no letter more than once?•What is the Frequency of Letters of the alphabet in English?•Name of the widespread exercise of developing A Word through 2 Capital Letters?•What comes after Main, Secondary, Tertiary?•What is the feminine identical of Fraternal?•Is tright here an Eight Letter Word through 5 Vowels in a row?•What are the English Words which finish in -dous?•What is the Longest Word in the dictionary?•What comes after when, twice, thrice?•What is the longest one-syllable English word?•What is the term used for a Prompt•Name for a New Word coined by combining components of existing words?•What is the Name for a word that has Two Opposing Meanings?•What is the word for a Fear Of?•What is the opposite of Uxorious?•What is the opposite of Nocturnal?•What is the oppowebsite of Juvenilia?•What is the opposite of Hibernation?•What is the oppowebsite of Exceed?•The Only Word in the English that ends via the letters -mt?•What words in English containing 2 U’s in a row?•What word contains the five vowels in the ideal order? •Words for a word via even more meanings based upon it"s pronunciation?•Unisex describe somepoint to execute via both sexes, not just one sex.

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