Our monitoring team ask us to sign up with a pizza/beer bash, which is essentially nothing however a pizza lunch held for all employees.

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My principle of the word bash still remained somewbelow close to the name of the renowned Unix shell until I looked it up online. As meant, a bash indicates a party or a celebration. It"s a slang.

Anymethod, I have a hard time differentiating between bash and also party from virtual resources. Maybe someone that themselves has been to both of them can tell the subtle difference.



A bash is the exact same thing as a party in my experience. The word bash is just a more colloquial or even slang means of saying party. This is sustained by a dictionary definition of bash.


Bash is informal and indicates that the party is extremely exciting. It is a bit ironic once used in reference to an office party.


I"ve never heard a frifinish usage the term bash to define a gathering. Bash just appears favor a corporate term to define a party. Bash feels like it"s trying too tough. Bash is the word a parent would use to attempt to relate to his teenager. Bash wears socks through sandals.

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"Bash" is, in my endure, many frequently used through "Birthday" or other b-words in the title of an event or invitation for an alliterative effect. You wouldn"t usage it in casual conversation as a generic term, unmuch less a past bash somehow came to be proverbial: "Yeah, the office Flag Day Fest is going to be a real Bash of "97 this year."

Although I understand that bash implies party, it is not offered in that way frequently in eastern Canada. My very own connotation on it would certainly be that a bash would certainly be much less formal or much less arranged than a party, but this might be regional.

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