I"m searching for a word that describes "to permit or to disable". This connected question discovered the hypernyms mode and state, however I am looking for a verb. I.e. a word for "(potentially) readjust mode/state".

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I guess to switch is an excellent match, yet unfortunately in JavaScript (my taracquire language), switch is a reserved keyword.

What choices are there?



May I indicate "to collection availability"? I think it fits well for function names: SetButtonAvailability(), SetOptionAvailability(), and so on It"s lengthy, however descriptive...



The verb create of toggle have the right to be supplied to indicate altering state

Computing switch from one effect, attribute, or state to another by making use of a toggle: the play/pausage switch toggles in between those functions : tbelow are a variety of attributes which can be toggled on or off


As I"m new, I"m not allowed to comment or vote up, but I favor RegDwigнt"s idea of collection and also availcapacity wrapped around the item/manage name. For instance, I have a Secure Team picker control that I am enabling/disabling in manuscript, and I was wondering what to speak to it. I"m going to embrace that convention and name the approach SetSecureTeamPickerAvailability(). It"s a little long-winded, but incredibly descriptive and self-documenting.

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I’m not sure I grasp what you’re searching for, but it might be ensure, as in “encertain that the ‘Help’ function is allowed.” Or maybe affirm, which appears to meld the principles of “confirm” through the possibility of taking action to readjust the state.

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