Braids (very own hair or extensions) are a great style choice for naturals of any kind of size. You have the right to use them once you’re grvery own tired with your hair and want to leave it alone for a while, or once you just want to adjust up your style or color. With minimal maintenance, you deserve to keep them for weeks at a time. Here are five actions to take take prior to installation to provide yourself both a smovarious other braiding suffer and also much less obstacle when come take down.

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1. Handle any pre-existing issues

This action have the right to (and should) be taken farther in breakthrough than the others. You want your hair to be in the finest possible shape once you brhelp. If you have dandruff, obtain a shampoo to fight the flakes. If your hair feels weak, strengthen it via protein treatments (more around that here). Any hair-connected problems you have will certainly only worsen after leaving your hair more or much less alone for 2 months. Try to work out any kind of worries at least two weeks prior to you braid.

2. Wash and condition

This sill be the last time you have actually accessibility to your loose hair for numerous weeks. Be sure to give your scalp an excellent scrub, removing any type of residue that could be tright here. This is much simpler to carry out without a head full of extensions. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove dirt and also oil from your hair (note: these frequently have sulfates, however here’s a list of 20 gentle clarifying shampoos. Condition afterwards to add moisture ago to your hair. Your conditioner could additionally have various other properties that your hair needs: moisturizing, protein, etc.

3. Deep condition

This is your last possibility to add additional strength and moisture to your hair prior to you brassist it. This final conditioner will certainly additionally spend the the majority of time in your hair, so usage this action to inject any kind of added ingredients that might advantage your hair. While you have to give the conditioner at leastern 20 minutes to work-related, you don’t have to deep condition your hair overnight. In lieu of this action, you might also pre-poo or use a leave-in therapy numerous hours prior to you brhelp. This will add additional slip to your strands, which will certainly assist with the installation procedure.

Imagine going through all that hair via a fine-toothed comb. Ouch. (source)

4. Detangle thoroughly

Detangle your hair as much as possible, for two factors. If you haven’t detangled your hair sufficient, your stylist will certainly, the majority of most likely with among those fine-toothed combs that spell breakage for organic hair. Avoid the pain, the extra time, and also the possible breakage by detangling your hair yourself, using tools that are Black hair-friendly. Check out this page for even more tips on exactly how to comb your hair through more efficiency and much less pain. After all, the perkid who loves your hair the most, and also will offer it the many TLC, is you.

Also, hair that has been thoroughly detangled before installation will certainly be simpler to detangle aacquire throughout take dvery own. Babsence hair is prone to tangling, and you will certainly not have actually access to your loose hair while the braids are in. After eight weeks, you’ll have actually built up fairly a little bit of melted hair come take dvery own (people melted, on average, in between 40 and 120 hair strands a day), in enhancement to however much tangled brand-new development you’ll have actually. Hair that wtoo detangled before installation will be less complicated to comb with aobtain throughout take dvery own, making for a much shorter (and less frustrating) detangling session.

5. Keep your hair stretched

After you’ve finished all your treatments, put your hair into a style that will certainly stretch it out till you braid it. This will decrease the possibilities of stray hair strands tangling while you’re wearing the style, as well as make it less complicated to comb your hair after you take out the extensions. Because heat will certainly threaten your strands, try a no-warmth straightening approach favor plaits, banding, or wrapping, to name a couple of (review even more about no-warm straightening techniques here).

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Straight hair without warmth is worth looking like this for a couple of hrs. (source)

With appropriate preparation, installation and maintenance, braid extensions have the right to last approximately eight weeks before they should be rerelocated. Preparing your hair for installation is the initially step to making certain you get the a lot of out of your braided style by rocking it for as lengthy as possible.

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