The Plural of Sheep

The plural of sheep is lamb.Sheep are raised for fleece, meat, and milk. In both prehistoric and modern spiritual ritual, sheep are provided as sacrificial pets.

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The Standard Rules for Forming the Plurals

The table below mirrors the traditional rules for creating the plurals of nouns in English.

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TypeExample of TypeForming the PluralPlural
Many Nouns cat scythe add s cats scythes
Noun Ending s, sh, ch, x or z bus dressinclude es bprovides dresses
Nouns finishing o mango zero tomato include either s or es(There are no rules for this - you need to recognize.) mangoes or mangos zeros tomatoes
Nouns ending o patio ratioinclude s patios ratios
Nouns finishing y story pennyadjust the y to an i and also include es stories pennies
Nouns finishing y storey (
) donkey
add s storeys donkeys
Nouns ending f or fe dwarf knifeves and/or s(Tbelow are no rules - you have to understand.) dwarfs knives
Exceptions goose louse some nouns undergo a vowel or letters change geese lice
More exceptions salmon sheepsome nouns carry out not readjust at all salmon sheep

Why Is There Confusion over the Plural of Sheep?

Sheep is the only way to make the noun lamb plural.Confusion arises because sheep stays unadjusted in its plural create. Unfortunately, tbelow is no clever method of discovering which nouns follow which rules. You have to recognize.

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