What component of the nervous device is responsible for the physiological alters associated with emotion?
No. Patterns of activation are not entirely specific. You can not tell what emovements a perchild is feeling based off physiological transforms. There are only specific emovements that make certain alters in the body.

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When an emotionally aromaking use of event occurs, we have a particular pattern of physiological and behavioral changes, we have an emotion CAUSED BY the transforms.Book: The concept that our endure of eactivity is our awareness of our physiological responses to emotion-aroutilizing stimuli.Event leads to specific physiological arousal pattern leading to an emotion.The emovement is based on a physiological change. Each emotion has actually its own pattern.Phenomenon: facial/behavior feedback. Changing facial expression causes transforming eactivity. Problems: depends on a poly graph that has noncertain validity, individual variation, and error price (excluded or restricted in court).
Emotionally arousing event causes nonparticular physiological arousal I"ll and emotional arousal, however neither causes the various other, they go in sepaprice brain paths. Book: The concept that an emotional-aromaking use of stimulus at the same time triggers physiological responses and the subjective endure of emovement. An event > noncertain arousal plus eactivity (neither bring about the other). Different from laying: emotion plus physiological response take place at the same time, JL claims one causes the various other, order of events.
Event leads to nonspecific physiological changes alerting brain that somepoints going on, let"s number out what reasons arousal and produce emovements.Event leads to noncertain emotional arousal bring about cognitive interpretation of case and arousal leading to an emotional response. Book: to endure emovement one should be physically aroused and also cognitively label the arousal.Spillover effect/transferred excitation: arousal from one instance worsens emotion connected via one more case. Crowding increases arousal.

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What is a polygraph? What does it measure? What are the problems connected with it? How accurate is it? How is it most likely to err?
Poly graph: measures autonomic task (blood pressure, breapoint price, heart rate). Problems: not valid bereason simply physiological arousal is detected, it can not identify in between lying, are afraid, tension, and so on. There is no pattern specifically to meacertain lying. People can learn to regulate their autonomic response. It is also wrong around one third of the moment. It is even more likely to label innocent as guilty than guilty as innocent.