Themes, signs, and motifs come alive as soon as you usage a storyboard. In this activity, students will recognize themes and also symbols from the novel, and support their selections via details from the message.

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Themes to Look For and Discuss

The Destructive Power of Selfishness

Many kind of of the worst actions in Thirteenager Reasons Why are motivated by characters’ selfishness. The characters take a number of risks for selfish factors, but hardly ever threat being type. Tyler sneaks approximately taking voyeuristic photos. Marcus tries to molest Hannah in Rosie’s Diner. Jenny Kurtz drives amethod from a damaged soptimal authorize so she does not have to admit she was driving drunk. In each instance, a character is ignoring the well-being of other human being to seek their own pleacertain or to prevent dealing with justice. The novel suggests that a healthy, happy neighborhood needs problem for others. People have to look external themselves and also consider the feelings of those about them. By the end of the novel, Clay takes this to heart when he reaches out to Skye in the school corridor.

Interconnectedness of People and also Events

Hannah talks around the “snowround effect”, suggesting that a solitary action combines with other small actions and reactions to develop many kind of unintended effects. Seemingly minor incidents that happen beforehand in Hannah’s time at Crestmont High School finish up making Hannah’s life even more difficult even years later. When Alex passes approximately the “hot or not” list, for example, he is structure up the school’s picture of Hannah as sexually promiscuous, which more than likely leads to Tyler’s fascination through her, Marcus’s developments upon her, and also Bryce’s molestations. Anvarious other prime instance of the unforeseen after-effects of a solitary act is the vehicle accident. Jenny’s drunk driving leads to a damaged speak sign. The lacking sign causes a auto crash, which outcomes in the death of a senior at Crestmont. The expertise of this accident contributes to Hannah’s feelings of guilt and also worthlessness, which leads to her suicide. As Hannah tells her story, she notices more and more relations between people and also events that have actually carried her to the allude of self-destruction.

The Role of Rumors and Reputation

Hannah’s tapes continuously draws attention to the harmful impacts of rumors. Rumors about her, though entirely unsubstantiated, develop a reputation that impacts the method others treat her. Many of the most negative cases in Hannah’s initially year at Crestmont stem from rumors around her connection with Justin. As her reputation grows, civilization prefer Bryce take benefit of her by poignant her in unwanted and also inappropriate ways. Eventually, a rumor is the initially step in the lengthy sequence of occasions that leads to Hannah’s suicide.

Motifs & Symbols to Look For and also Discuss

The Broken Stop Sign

The broken speak authorize shows the characters" inability or unwillingness to soptimal the negative forces in their stays. A variety of tragedies in the book - the auto crash, Jessica"s rape, Hannah"s suicide - might have been stopped if human being had made better selections and also bystanders had made stronger efforts to intervene.

Hannah’s Scar

Hannah"s scar is a physical depiction of her emotional pain. Given to her as soon as Jessica slapped her and also left a nail embedded in her eyebrow, the sautomobile is a everyday reminder to Hannah of the kind of betrayal and lack of trustworthy friends that she experiences over and also over. Each brand-new time she is betrayed, her emotional wound grows deeper.

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The Cassette Tapes

The cassette tapes are the main symbol in the book. Since they carry revelations around Hannah’s life and expose a variety of hurtful behaviors, they reexisting both truth and also revenge. Although they expose the reality behind the scenes, they additionally stand in comparison to truth. The listener’s ability to pausage, soptimal, and also rewind them at will certainly is a poignant reminder that genuine life cannot be paoffered or rewound; our actions are immutable and their after-effects should be faced.