The prestige of reputation is the first of two main themes in Thirteenager Reasons Why.

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Hannah traces the beginning of the finish for her to Justin, the boy via whom she common her first kiss. Their kiss was chaste and innocent, but in Justin"s mind, it became something even more, and...

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The importance of reputation is the first of 2 central themes in Thirteen Reasons Why. Hannah traces the start of the end for her to Justin, the boy via whom she shared her initially kiss. Their kiss was chaste and innocent, however in Justin"s mind, it ended up being something more, and he began to brag. As Hannah accurately puts it:

a rumor based on a kiss started a reputation that various other people thought in and also reacted to...(creating) a snowround impact.

As Clay realizes once he listens to the tapes, "(Hannah"s) reputation began in Justin Foley"s creative thinking," and because Justin sets the precedent through his gossip, a 2nd incident occurs that is even even more damaging than the initially. His attention having actually been drawn to Hannah as a sex object, Alex, that had been her frifinish, lists Hannah as "Best Ass in the Freshguy Class," unintentionally yet irrevocably changing the means people perceive her, and also making her life a living hell. Hannah over all yearns to create coherent relationships with others, however individuals prefer Clay that can have actually made a distinction in her life remain away bereason they are afrhelp of her reputation. Instead, Hannah is continually approached by boys that have only one thing on their minds, and also the consistent harassment soon renders Hannah unable to trust anyone, further boosting her isolation. After being objectified and betrayed time after time, Hannah, completely beaten, finally enables herself to succumb to the reputation set for her, and adheres to this capitulation by taking her own life.

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A second layout examined in the book, a layout which is closely concerned the initially, is the problem of responsibility. Very few of the characters actually set out to hurt Hannah, however bereason they offer little bit thshould the meaning of their actions, they finish up playing a part in the total destruction of her life. Hannah addresses this reality up front, telling her listeners:

I know you didn"t suppose to let me dvery own. In fact, many of you listening probably had no idea what you were truly doing.

The point Hannah wants to make on her tapes is that, even though an individual"s actions can seem insubstantial, "in the end, everything matters." Alex, for example, was only trying to get a laugh, and perhaps to obtain back at Jessica for breaking up through him, when he developed his "Best Ass" rankings; he certainly never intfinished to ruin Hannah"s life by naming her first on the list. The truth that the resulting events were not instigated on purpose does not abresolve Alex from guilt, but. Hannah succinctly states:

when you host people up for ridicule, you have to take responsibility as soon as various other civilization act on it.

As Hannah stresses the prominence of an individual"s seemingly inconsequential deeds, she emphasizes the interconnectedness of all actions, because "every little thing affects whatever." The indignity and also torment she endures is no much less disastrous as a result of the fact that it is the majority of regularly "simply an aftereffect of someone else"s callousness," and also she reiterates that "once you mess via one part of a person"s life, you"re messing with their entire life." Hannah"s bitter narrative is a testimony to the impacts of failed responsiblilty; bereason of the thoughtless acts of a hold of people, a false and unenresilient reputation was developed for her, and also though any one of them can have conserved her, no one cared sufficient or was perceptive sufficient to understand also her situation, and take responsibility and also intervene.

It is plainly a dark world that Hannah inhabits, and in her recordings she exposes the depravities that pester mankind, another theme that is explored in the narrative. In a starkly realistic landscape wbelow drinking and also sex are the major weekend activities for a big variety of teens, drunken boys pummel each other to preserve an image of toughness while "wall(s) of human being...4 bodies deep" voyeuristically look on via excitement, and also students looking out solely for their very own interests commit the little cruelties that ruin each others" resides. Hannah acknowledges that she also is complicit in producing an setting wbelow individuals are frequently blind to the aftermath of their actions and lack the deal with to put the needs of others initially if it involves venturing out of their own comfort zones. Like the human being she accprovides of not caring enough, Hannah cannot discover the stamina to act once she can have prevented what turned out to be a fatal automobile accident or to action forth as soon as she can have actually quit Bryce from raping an unaware girl. Hannah owns, with unqualified humility, that in the last evaluation, she is no much better than those who made her life so miserable, and also this understanding just contributes to her ultimate despair. Despite what anyone else has actually done to her, once all is sassist and also done, Hannah, flawed like all the others, admits, "it all ends with— up...on me."