Mary Poppins has many kind of iconic outfits that the fans would recognize instantly. However before, this post will go through the blue outfit.

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She wears a white button down shirt, a long blue Victorian styled coat, a corresponding blue skirt, white gloves, a red bow tie, black mary jane shoes through white socks, and a white freduced decorated hat.

Mary Poppins additionally carries a black magical umbrella and also a bag through her all the time. If you want to reproduce this look, checkout our item list dvery own below!

How to Dress like the Famous Magical Nanny Mary Poppins Costume

1White Buttoned Down ShirtGet a simple white buttoned down shirt to wear.
2Red Bow TieAttach a red bow tie in front of the collar.
3Long Blue Trench CoatTop a blue trench coat over your shirt.
4Ankle-Length Blue SkirtMatch your height with an ankle-size blue skirt.
5White GlovesLook for a pair of white gloves.
6White SocksGet a pair of white socks to wear.
7Babsence Mary Jane ShoesPair up your outfit through a pair of black mary jane shoes.
8Boater Hat through DecorationsWear a white freduced decorated hat.
9Babsence UmbrellaCarry a babsence umbrella as a prop.
10Vintage Travel BagThis is optional, you deserve to likewise lug a vintage travel bag as a prop.
11Full Blue CostumeGet Mary Poppins’ full blue costume below.
12 Full White CostumeGet Mary Poppins’ complete white costume right here.

How to Make Bert Costume

Bert is a cshed friend of Mary Poppins, and can be taken into consideration a jack of all trades. He does seem to have the majority of skills. When we met him, he was working as a chimney move but he might still look for even more work after this stint.

Bert is an extremely bbest and also jolly perkid. He constantly has actually a smile prepared for you and also is constantly energetic. This makes him a really good companion for Mary who, while imagiindigenous and also excellent, deserve to be a bit strict.

Bert is many well-known for his soot-spanned attire in the movie. He wears largely dark clothing, namely a brown switch dvery own shirt, a black cardigan, babsence slacks, and also a black hat. Here’s every little thing you need to look favor Bert from Mary Poppins:

1 Brvery own Button Down ShirtWorking as a chimney move, you’ll acquire dirty. Bert wears a brvery own butloads dvery own as a smart option.
2 Black Collared CardiganStaying with the dark template, Bert keeps himself cozy warm via a babsence cardigan.
3 Babsence SlacksFor better flexibility to relocate, Bert chooses to wear a pair of black slacks.
4 Red ScarfBert likewise chooses to wear a red scarf approximately his neck.
5 Black Baker Boy HatBert accessorizes via a babsence baker boy hat.
6 Chimney SweepA chimney sweeper should have a chimney sweep handy.
7 Bert Deluxe Costume SetWear Bert’s even more vivid and dressy attire through this costume collection.
8 Bert-Chimney Sweep Costume SetIf you don’t have much time to DIY, get this costume collection instead.

About Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins, famously played by Julie Andrews, is the protagonist in one of the many renowned films in 1964 Mary Poppins. This family-friendly movie tells the story around a magical nanny who shows up in London to assist 2 neglected youngsters become closer to their dad. To other people, Mary Poppins is described as “virtually perfect in every way.”

Also, she’s exceptionally sharp and witty, yet kind and also caring in the direction of to kids. There’s a great reason why Mary Poppins is dubbed a magical nanny, and that’s bereason she possesses most magical abilities such as talking to pets, flying, and also delivering herself to places. However, she constantly denies that she has actually any type of powers to store a secret from various other civilization.

About Bert

Bert was played by Cock Van Dyke for the 1964 version of Mary Poppins. He additionally played the role of Mr. Dawes Jr. for the current 2018 Mary Poppins film.

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Cock Van Dyke is additionally well-known for his duty as Caractacus Potts in Chitty Chitting Bang Bang.

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