gather round matey, if you will be type enough to take muy test and check out wut type of cut throat theif be you.simply answer the inquiries lads and all will be reviled, are you Captain matterial or simply an additional landlubber that dunt understand port to starbord

gather round matey, if you will certainly be type enough to take muy test and see wut form of reduced throat theif be you.simply answer the concerns lads and also al will be reviled, are you Captain matterial or just an additional landlubber who dunt recognize port to starbord

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What is your age? Under 18 Years Old 18 to 24 Years Old 25 to 30 Years Old 31 to 40 Years Old 41 to 50 Years Old 51 to 60 Years Old Over 60 Years OldWhat is your gender? Male FemaleYou are awoken in the middle of the night, your ship has been borded by a band also who dare speak to themselves pirates You contact to arms as you rally your fellows and also lead them to defend your ship you indevelop the captain of the attack then follow him to the fight You un sheith your cutlass and also cock your pistol all set to fight you run cowering to the stores and drink as a lot rum as you can prior to the ship is takenYou have actually come across some illeagal gambling in the stores between some drunken pirates You join in, you like a great dice game You inform the captain imediatly and also put them in irons You walk ameans, they might hurt you if you squeel on them You have eextremely guy associated floged on the quarter deck infront of the crewYou have actually simply attacked a supply ship heading for the coast full of glorious treasure You take a few gallions and also stash them in your shoes You dare not touch the loot till the captain has had his share you sit back and relax, the captain will certainly offer you a more than neccessary cut of the loot You take a lot of of it for yourself, as you recognize, being a captain has actually its perksYou and your shipmates have actually struck a village just off shore You rape and pilllage all you can, after all it is the pirate method You find the mayor of the village, dine through him at his astate then shoot him You run roughly hiding, raiding the dead of their valubles You reap eextremely minute as you reduced down villagers through your sword handed to you by the captain for leading the attackYou are trapped in a storm ,the sea is unstable and tbelow might be little hope of surviving You sit in your cabin with a glass of sherry whistling to yourself You order the males to solve the reef tackle and also hoist the sails You hide in the hull via a picture of your mommy hoping she will save you You insure that the ropes are tight and hold on to the riggingIt has actually been s good few months but the captain has to bury his treasure on the isle of langoon You over check out the transfer and also burial of the treasure You carry the treacertain and dig the hole...and also stole a few jewels once the initially mate wasnt looking You await the rerotate of your crew as you had to stay behind and also shoot someone that wregarding tired to help You had actually ran ameans once you had landed on the island also, anythings better than back thereThe ship has remained in port to re-suppliy for the night while ashore You go drinking and a couple of wenches require to your intricate You get your garments repared and go gambling You have actually been offered the night watch for crying to go ashore prior to the captain You are remaining on the ship for the night and have actually ordered someone bring you some wine from the stores and also a womale from the shoreYou are about to come broadside via an foe vessel You fill the cannons and also prepare for the signal to fire You are overseeing the preperation of the guys while shouting orders You are tapping the railing with your sword hilt muttering to yourself " as soon as your a proffesional pirate" being the captain you deserve to perform what you desire You are in the crows swarm with a loaded pistol hoping they wont uncover youTbelow is a theif onboard that stole the captains ring You hope you capture the blaggard responsible because then the captain will certainly reward u even more You laugh to yourself because you stole the ring You are scared, if someone deserve to steal the capt"ns ring, they have the right to gain to mr snuffles your teddy bear you flush him out and also make him walk the plank...then shoot him once he is in the perform choose killing people being the captainYou finest like Power Dubloons Mr snuffles KillingYou would best describe yourself as A gentelguy of fortune A loyal authority figure a reduced throat mummy states im one-of-a-kind

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