My vision widened that day, and also I began to watch the trap that lay ahead for many people.

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My vision widened that day, and I started to view the trap that lie ahead for a lot of human being.

Or maybe both are incorrect and also some future tense of lie should be used?

I am confused because someone is talking around his previous and also others’ future that might or may not have actually faced the trap by the existing. The trap the author talks about is sort of a reality of life.



Assuming you adjust "lie" to "lies" in the second variant, both sentences would be correct, but have actually a slightly various focus.

You need to change "lie" to "lies" because "the trap" is 3rd perboy singular and needs an "s" in present indicative. (If you google: "Lie verb table" you will acquire numerous hits on the grammatic create. I"m linking to one here).

In the initially, the previous tense is offered repetitively. The account is all in the past:began to view the trap that lay ahead. (From the perspective of the writer both occasions are in the previous. But at the point that he began to check out the trap, the trap was in the future; for this reason "ahead")

In the second the indication is that at that (past) time he began to watch a trap that still or generally lies ahead for many human being.

I realise from your comment that you didn"t quite understand, so I"ll watch if I can make it clearer. Imagine I"m composing now as an adult about an occasion from childhood. I was finding out to swim.

I had had actually three swimming lessons and chose I could swim, but I did not recognize about the trap that lay ahead. I swam out into the ocean as much as I possibly can, but tright here were strong undercurleas and also I might not swim earlier. In the end I was rescued by a lifeguard.

(In the example, the trap does not lie ahead from my existing day perspective. But it lay ahead prior to I swam out into the sea -- hence "lay".)

I"m still an adult and writing currently around something else from childhood.

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I was 4 years old and also assumed I would live forever before. I did not recognize then around the trap (death) that lies ahead for every one of us mortal creatures.