The knee joint bears a lot of your body weight, so caring for your knees is instrumental. Simple wear and tear can significantly reduce the stamina of your knees, resulting in pain and discomfort. If you are experiencing weak knees, you’ll desire to take action to strengthen your weak knee joints. Check out our weak knee exercises you can use to relieve your knee pain and also strengthen the muscles that assistance your knees.

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Weak Knees Causes

Tright here are many reasons for weak knees including illnesses, injuries, and also overusage. A few of the a lot of widespread reasons are:

ArthritisStrains and sprainsTorn cartilage or ligamentInfection of the knee jointLack of physical activityIliotibial Band Syndrome

A physician can correctly diagnose the cause of your weak knees and aid you identify the best course of activity.


Weak Knees Symptoms

When considering weak knees symptoms, keep in mind that the severity of the pain and also the precise place could differ depending on the problem. With that in mind, the following are some typical weak knee symptoms:

Swelling and stiffness of the kneeRednessA burning sensationInstcapacity and also weaknessPopping noises once the joint is bentThe incapability to straighten the kneeDifficulty transitioning from a sitting to a standing position


Weak Knees Treatment

Treatment focuses on giving prompt relief via assistance or compression and on strengthening the knees to attend to the underlying reason of your weak knees. These exercises can not only relieve the joint pain, yet will certainly also help proccasion re-injury.

Like through a lot of joint pain, ice packs or heating pads have the right to help mitigate swelling and also pain. Proper footwear and also postures deserve to really make a difference as soon as it pertains to knee pain and also weakness.

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Immediate Relief



Long Term Healing



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