Whether she’s onphase or off, Lady Gaga plainly knows just how to put on a display. But once it concerns Saturday Night Live, her suffer is surprisingly limited. The artist previously known as Stefani Germanotta has showed up on simply 2 episodes of SNL, in 2009 and also 2011 — both times as the show’s musical guest quite than its organize.

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Still, looking at those old episodes might give a couple of hints about what to expect once Gaga ultimately headlines an entire installment of SNL tomorrow night. In each one, Gaga ventured beyond her band to show up in a handful of sketches — showing off different abilities (and also, er, locations via room for improvement) eextremely time. Which of these sub-Gagas will ascendancy Studio 8H on Saturday’s show? Let’s look at the proof and also begin speculating:

Oof. Gaga’s very initially SNL sketch appearance wins points for bringing her in addition to Madonna — long prior to the “Born This Way”/”Expush Yourself” debate that would certainly inevitably specify their relationship — for a distinct edition of “Deep House Dish.” But ultimately, it’s a swing and a miss. Both the young songtension and also the seasoned pro miss out on their music cues, sound stilted as soon as they sheight, and also can’t quite muster the power to really sell their “fake” feud. Even Andy Samberg’s ideal “say whaaaa?” challenge can’t conserve the little bit. Granted, Gaga’s had plenty of stage experience considering that this unfortunate outing, so odds are excellent that we won’t see a repeat performance — but maybe it proves that interacting via cameoing superstars isn’t her strong suit.

In a brief but sweet tag to her initially SNL episode, Gaga finds that Andy Samberg is wearing a bubble dress identical to her very own — yet fairly than fight about it, the two instead briefly autumn in love. The totality thing’s obtained a type of “high institution play” vibe to it, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it’s nice to vimuzic-ivan.info Gaga acting recognizably human every once in a while. (Just, you know, don’t make a halittle bit of it, Lady.) Also duly noted: Gaga deserve to perform physical comedy!

The strutting keep mascot that sings renowned song parodies while wearing a ridiculous foam costume is just one of Justin Timberlake’s things — he does it eexceptionally time he hosts the present. But once Timberlake donned a brand-nmuzic-ivan.info costume for 2011’s “Liquorville” segment, he was joined by a partner in crime: Gaga, completely committing to her ridiculous wine-themed outfit (which, okay, is nowright here close to the a lot of bizarre thing she’s ever worn) and belting out lyrics through an enthusiasm that rivals Timberlake’s own. This is the even more fun side of Theater Kid Gaga — and also absolutely one we must hope to spy come Saturday night.

The Lonely Island’s “3-Way (The Golden Rule)” — which defines that 2 dudes obtaining down is entirely cool as long as there’s “a honey in the middle” — is utterly ridiculous in virtually every method. The exception? Gaga, that basically assumes the duty of right guy, despite her dated major outfit and also additional Three’s Company-influenced getup. Just look at the say she delivers her huge line — “You men are… still here” — and also tell me there’s not a professional Daria mimic in there sommuzic-ivan.infobelow.

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“What’s That Name?” is an enigma dark horse alternative for Justin Timberlake’s ideal SNL sketch ever. Unfortunately, Gaga’s performance isn’t fairly as charming. The singer goes full cheeseround in this sketch, speaking every line via a smarmy, impacted tone and constantly bobbing her head like a strutting rooster. She’s sort of choose a Kristen Wiig character… except she’s meant to be playing herself. Keep in mind to Mother Monster: Please fill up on scenery before the display so that you don’t chmuzic-ivan.info it all up live on air.