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- Assume I kick your little Beijing ass ideal currently. Man, I ain"t scared of you. I understand you understand that tricky shit. Come on.

- I"m not responsible for your presumption.

- You complete of shit, you understand also that? You full of shit.

- Not being able to stop is not the exact same as not speaking.

- You seem as if you like to talk. I choose to let civilization talk who choose to talk. It renders it easier to discover out exactly how complete of shit they are.

- What the hell did you just say?

- I let people to talk...

- So I"m the one complete of shit?

- We both complete of shit.

- You complete of shit.

- I"m gonna kick your ass. Don"t nobody do that but me. You desire me to kick your ass, don"t you?


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Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?
Guess what, man. I forobtained to tell you. I"m L.A.P.D. You under arrest.
Do you speaka any English?
Rush Hour (1998) Sound Clip


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Actors: Jackie Chan (Yang Naing Lee), Chris Tucker (James Carter)

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