Last week, I had actually my 3rd interwatch via Lancome for a beauty advisor place at the Lancome counter in Bloomingdales. I embraced the job sell and I am super excited to start functioning for one of my favorite brands!!

Based on my suffer in cosmetics, I made a decision to carry out you all via some tips and also tricks on exactly how to get a job at any type of makeup respond to or cosmetics store.

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1.Application Process

Unless you see the project posting on the company’s webwebsite, attempt to look up cosmetics positions on websites prefer or After using for the position, upload your resume and also cover letter. Please have actually both documents proof check out prior to entry.

2.Interwatch Attire

You desire to wear the right attire for the position. Many, if not all, cosmetics tasks desire their employees to wear all black, unless they are provided a uniform.


3. Makeup Tips

Your makeup should exude the brand also that you are using for. Before the interview, research the brand also, their social media platforms and also their beauty ambassadors. You desire to showcase your makeup abilities, but you also desire to portray the brand’s picture in the BEST way possible.

4. Intersee Process

Almeans arrive 15 minutes at an early stage to your interview because it reflects the employer that you worth time administration and also that you are skilled. Shake the employer’s hand and present yourself. Make sure that you understand around the brand’s history, their staple assets and also the pertinent experience that you have the right to add as a beauty advisor. Make sure to constantly shake the employer’s hand also after the interview and also thank them for their consideration. Make certain to collect their service card as well in order to follow up through them.

5. Things That Will Make You Stand also Out

When the employer asks, “Do you have actually any type of inquiries for me?” ALWAYS SAY YES. *Questions that you want to take into consideration asking are: “What is your background with the company & what has your journey been like? What advice would you give to me in order to be successful at this place or the company? What are the crucial difficulties this position will face? What type of efforts and also hrs execute the height performers put in?

5. Following up

If you haven’t heard ago from the employer for a week or longer, it is currently time to follow up. Always follow up with the employer, interviewer or hiring manager. You deserve to carry out this by email, phone speak to or say thanks to you note.

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This makes you look skilled and also significant about the position.