As the title claims, have actually my appointment booked for this coming Saturday, obtaining a tatalso going from my hip to my upper thigh. I was planning on wearing a dress however I don't think the weather will certainly permit that currently. Can I wear pants? Leggings? Sweatpants? I recognize I'll need to take them off while gaining the tatalso done, yet I'll be wearing a bathing suit bottom so that doesn't bother me much. Any input?


Just gained one done now, myself. Fortunately, it was mild sufficient here for me to wear a dress and a sweater. Just wear baggy sweatpants or somepoint loose that will let the tatalso breathe and won't press on it once it's done.

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Yah leaning in the direction of the sweatpants, I'm not a dress-wearing person anymethod. Thanks for your help!

Wear a skirt, preferably a loose one. I got my leg tattoos done in winter as well, and I wore a warmth skirt till I got house.

I wore tights and also a skirt to my appointment for my thigh tattoo, and also just walked approximately the studio in my shirt and bapoint suit bottom. I figured that as soon as the tatas well was finiburned I wasn't going to be outside in the cold long sufficient for it to issue if I took the tights off, so I went house in just the skirt.

I did wear tights for the following few days as soon as I was at job-related. I assumed they would be much less irritating than denim. Once I was house I would adjust right into shorts or a loosened skirt.

Just curious, just how did the tattoo carry out under the tights for the initially few days? I had a week complete of pyjama pants planned (yay Christmas vacation) but if I have the possibility to wear normal clothing I'll take it.

I'm curious around exactly how tights worked out for you too. I got a pair thigh tattoos a month or so back and also intentionally didn't wear tights till they were fully healed bereason I was afrassist they wouldn't heal well due to not being able to breathe.

I simply gained one done on my butt today, certainly go for sweats or a dress. I had skinny jeans on, not ultra tight, yet they moved roughly the bandage sufficient that it was uncomfortable and I changed to sweatpants as soon as I got house.

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Awesome, many thanks for the input :) Hope it doesn't hurt too a lot to sit for the following few days for ya

I don't have actually any kind of hip or thigh tattoos yet the first thing that came to my mind was a maxi skirt and then possibly some thigh high socks. You can pull the sock up all the way on the non tattooed leg and just as far as you'd prefer or need on the tattooed leg.