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If you like to read fantasy, then you"ve most likely heard of all kinds of magic: invibility, breathing underwater, and so on Have you ever before wondered what sort of magic power you would have actually if magic was real?

Based on your personality, this 12 question quiz will offer you an principle of what type of magical power would certainly best suit you. Tbelow are numerous different magic powers and also this quiz only has actually 6 of them, so please don"t intend as well a lot.

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Created by: Athena36

Which execute you prefer? Warm colors or cool colors? Warm Cool Both White What are warm and cool colors?You want to go to somearea on the other side of the world for vacation. How would certainly you get there? Plane Boat/Cruise Driving Train Illegally I would certainly never leave my country.Are you popular? Yes No Kind of...not really. Lots of human being know who I am, yet I do not understand the majority of of them.Do you play sports? If so, which sport? Soccer Swimming Basketball Golf Other I don"t play sports.What"s your favorite season? Spring Summer Fall Winter I do not know.What"s your favorite time of day? Dawn/Sunincrease Morning Noon Afternoon Dusk/Sunset MidnightWould you rather die of cold or be melted to death? Die of cold Burn to death I"ll never die in either of those instances.How carry out you think the invisibility cloak in the Harry Potter books work? According to clinical discoveries, it bends light so civilization are unable to see the cloak and anybody under it. It"s magic. Duh! Who cares? I do not need one anymeans considering that nobody ever before notices me.Do you favor traveling? Yes No It"s okay.If you were compelled to sign up with your country"s knowledge agency and be a spy, exactly how would you react? Awesome! Nobody ever notices me! I certain hope I do not gain eliminated. Will I have to kill anybody? Due to the fact that I do not desire to. Can"t I be an assassin instead? The evil perkid will never escape me. NOOOOOOOOO! WHY ME?! WHY?!

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Quiz topic: Which magical power finest suits me?

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