Undertale is a choice-affected RPG game made by Toby Fox. The game requires your character's soul, who drops into the underground and his journey ago to the world. On the way, you find miscellaneous monsters, and your choice to spare them or kill them decides exactly how your spirit will end up being. The quiz guesses which spirit you will certainly be. Take it and uncover out!


First question: You wake up in a location you don't understand. There's no one in sight and also it's dark. What's your reaction?

Yell curses to the darkness. I'm certain someone pumelted me! They must know that's not a smart thing to execute to me!

Walk about and also attempt to think. I understand how much I fell, so if I'm resourceful I deserve to gain out myself.

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You make friends through someone brand-new at your college. The next day, you check out them acquire puburned dvery own and trash-talked by bullies. You check out them crying. What do you do?

Run and also aid them acquire away, no matter if I get hurt in the process. I'll shield them with myself till they acquire out of the risk zone.

Be truthful and also tell the bullies that they're booger-faced losers via their flys down. And then run amethod through my friend, laughing.


You're miles from residence, scared, tired, and hungry. Somebody provides you sanctuary, and also they look sort enough, and you have nowright here else to go. You come to be exceptionally attached to them as time goes on. You've heard from them that the world's a dangerous location, yet you have an urge to check out. You later uncover out that they want you as a long-term family member if you agree. What's your reaction?

Try to gently tell them I have a household I want to gain earlier to. I'll get their call info! We have the right to hang out another time!

Ask them to come through me on my travels. I left home long earlier, yet it'd be good to have actually someone to talk to.

Try and hook them up via somebody, so they're not lonely anyeven more. Matchmaker supreme, coming through!

Leave despite the warnings. I'll constantly care for them, and also they'll have actually a location in my heart, yet I need to go on.



I don't have time for colors. I'm also busy being a boss. *yet it's yellow if you really desire to know*.

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I would certainly try to continue to be surprise and get the one causing the difficulty at the last minute, so there's no time to strike versus me.
I would certainly attempt to virtually "put a costume on" or adjust exactly how I look so I don't stand also out, or so I stand also out even more and also scare them off!
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