As they prepare to release their self-titled dehowever album following month, emerging Philadelphia-based outfit Clockwise On Fire has actually dropped their latest single “What Will You Forget” featuring Anthony Eco-friendly of Circa Survive. The track hinges on a quirky circus-prepared rhythm ripe for a Looney Tunes montage prior to an off-kilter guitar races alongside a cathartic vocal fit from Eco-friendly, that penned the lyrics. PRESS HERE to listen. Showcasing their sonic hybrid of psychedelic rock, progressive, funk, and also alternate, Clockwise On Fire, likewise featuring their debut single “Dig,” will be released individually on October 22nd – PRESS HERE to pre-conserve on Spotify and Apple Music.

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“I was going through my backlog of principles and remembered that this tune from a couple of years back provided me a sort of evil clowns from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure vibe, so I sent it over to Tim,” shares co-founder Brian Lynch. “He was feeling it and also immediately included drums and also percussion. We then emerged it a bit even more and Tim shelp he could view Anthony on the track. We sent out it over to him and also not a lot much longer, he sent it earlier through the killer vocals you hear on tright here this particular day.”

“I was stuck in my basement reasoning I wasn’t going to be able to play music for people ever aobtain and having everyday panic assaults around what to do with all the pressure I felt building up,” describes Anthony Green. “That’s what this song is around. That push.”

Clockwise On Fire is the musical union of longtime friends and also partners Tim Arnold and Brian Lynch. The duo, who blur the lines between eloquent songcraft and also instrumental fluidity, channel a spirit of unbridled freedom on their deyet album. The forthcoming collection, mixed by Jakid Cupp , sees Tim contributing drums, percussion, synths, and also keyboards, while Brian holds down guitar, bass, synths and also key-boards, through both sharing lyrical and vocal duties.

Clockwise On Fire first presented their original music earlier month via “Dig,” the album’s opener about letting go of a love and also permitting your ex-partner to move on. Funkified guitar weaves in and also out of a head-nodding beat as the vocals lock on to the eerily chantable hook, “If you desire, you deserve to dig a grave for my love,” before a sidewinder solo soars. PRESS HERE to watch the official music video for “Dig.” Throughout the 8-track album, the team touches on deep life topics, such as redemption and also stress and anxiety, and also creative takes on the afterlife and also fantasy. Clockwise On Fire ends via “Trapped,” which functions a head-nodding riff whipped approximately video game-style synth transmissions as the bass bolts dvery own the groove. Simultaneously, ominous vocals around accepting the apocalypse and also being current when the finish arrives echo punctuated by swooning high register. Full track listing below.

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Brian and Tim first began playing music together throughout middle institution in the Philly suburbs, exploring, improvising, and trying out sounds at a developmental age together. After high school, life carried the musicians dvery own separate roads. Tim co-started Good Old War, releasing 4 full-length albums and also 4 EPs in addition to touring nationally, while Brian stayed neighborhood percreating in various bands. In 2017, the 2 reconnected and also introduced a Primus cover band also, Los Bastardos, and also by 2019 had started collaborating on original music. Even in the confront of the pandemic, Tim and Brian were locked into an unbreakable groove, bring about Clockwise On Fire. Ultimately, the duo is now welcoming everyone into their weird, wild, and wonderful musical conversation in between two old friends.

Clockwise On Fire Track Listing1. Dig2. Fishing In The Dark3. What Will You Foracquire feat. Anthony Green4. The Fear5. Now We’re Retroceding6. Turtle7. Latework8. Trapped