When Ramadan (Ramzan) ends? The question arises in mind as The Holy Month of Fasting enters its last leg. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and other Gulf says have actually completed 28 days of Ramadan on Sunday. Alengthy with the Arab says, USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Turessential, Korea, Australia, Phillipines, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunai, Malaysia and also European countries also have actually finiburned counting the similar variety of Ramadan days. Omale is the exception. The just country in the Gulf had actually began counting the month of Ramadan a day later, and below Sunday July 3 synchronizes 27th of Ramadan. In India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and various other South Asian nations too Muslims have actually till Sunday counted 27 days of Ramadan. Ramadan in these nations had begun a day later on than the Arab says. The beginning and also finish of Ramadan, and also a month in the Islamic Calendar, has traditionally been based on “hilal” sightings, which is the technique discussed in the Divine Quran and complied with by the Prophet Muhammad (tranquility be upon him). As per this legacy, a brand-new month is sighted on 2nine of the prevailing month. If the brand-new moon, Crescent, is sighted, the following day is counted as first day of the next month. If not, the following day is counted as 30th day of the prevailing month and the brand-new month begins after that.

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When is Eid al Fitr 2016? Following the moon sighting legacy hence Muslims in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and also other Arab States will certainly sight the crescent on 2ninth day of Ramadan coinciding Monday July 04, 2016. If the new moon is sighted on Monday July 04, 2016, the holy month of fasting will come to an finish and the following day i.e. Tuesday July 05, 2016 will certainly be the first day of the brand-new month Shawwal. The day is commemorated as Eid al Fitr.

If the crescent (brand-new moon) is not sighted on Monday July 04, the next day will be counted as 30th day of Ramadan, and Eid al Fitr will certainly be commemorated on Wednesday July 6, 2016.

Due to the fact that United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Turessential, Korea, Australia, Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia and European nations generally depend on moon announcements by Saudi Arabia, Muslims in these countries will celebprice Eid al Fitr along with their countercomponents in Arab claims.

On the contrary, Muslims in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and various other South Eastern countries, will sight the Crescent (new moon) on Tuesday July 05, 2016 which synchronizes through 2nine of Ramadan in these nations.

If the new moon is sighted on Tuesday, Eid al Fitr in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and also other West Eastern countries will be celebrated on Wednesday July 6, 2016. Else, Wednesday will be counted as the 30th day of Ramadan and also Eid al Fitr here will certainly be commemorated on Thursday July 07, 2016.

Moon Sighting Committees Muslims have actually Hilal Committees i.e. Moon Sighting Committees to verify and analyze the moon reports coming from different components. Ahead of the Eid day, and days before 29th of any month, appeals are issued to masses to sight the new moon and also report to the Hilal Committees in the locations. The reports are then verified and also analyzed by experts and scholars and a formal announcement around Eid al Fitr, and the initially day of the new month, will certainly be made.

In Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and also various other Arab claims, the moon committees will satisfy on Monday July 04, 2016 after Maghrib prayers i.e. roughly 07:30 pm local time to confirm moon sighting reports. A formal announcement about the specific day of Eid al Fitr 2016 will certainly be made after this meeting.

Similarly, Hilal Committees in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sril Lanka and other South Oriental countries will certainly fulfill after Magrib prayers on Tuesday. An official announcement concerning the Eid al Fitr 2016 will be made after this meeting if moon sighting is evidenced. What is Eid al Fitr? Ramadan, among the 5 pillars of Islam, is sacred to Muslims because it is thought that the Divine Quran was reveabrought about Prophet Mohammed (tranquility be upon him) in this month. During this month, Muslims observe dawn to dusk fasting, and it ends through Eid al-Fitr festival.

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Eid day in a Muslim household begins through pre-dawn prayers which follow one-of-a-kind Eid al Fitr – usually readily available on Eidgah grounds or at Jama Masjid (Grand Mosques of the city). The Special Prayer of Eid al Fitr is readily available just after sunclimb. For one-of-a-kind Eid prayer, Muslims - men, woguys and children all together, adorned in new garments collection out for the Eidgah grounds, praise Allah – the Almighty and also listen to Eid sermon.

After the Eid prayers, greetings are exreadjusted, and sweets and Eid dishes are mutual through family members members and also friends.

Zakatul Fitr Zakatul Fitr, also dubbed as Sadaqat-ul-Fitr, is Eid charity obligatory on eextremely Muslim man, womale and son. This is not in cash, but in the create of food grains. Muslims have actually been directed to pay this Eid tax prior to the Eid prayers.