Top Boy seaboy three arrived at Netflix to practically global acinsurance claim. The previous Channel 4 present – cancelled in 2013 – made a truly triumphant rerotate, becoming the streaming giant"s most-watched present in the UK after its release.

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That"s thanks, in component, to Netflix"s willingness to offer the show and personalities more room to breathe, taking the series run from two four-episode seasons to a 10-part run.

That means Netflix has actually currently provided us more brand-new episodes than Channel 4 managed in two seasons – and, via seakid four right roughly the corner, there"s even even more on the means.

We"ll ward off any type of confusion ideal off the bat: for long-standing Top Boy viewers, the following seakid will certainly mark the show"s fourth outing. But you might likewise view it described as "seaboy two" in some places, due to it being the second run considering that launching in its brand-new residence.

Star Ashley Walters is certainly happy to be through the streamer. "Top Boy is a raw, genuine representation of street society," he told Vice. "It explores exactly how these personalities pertained to make the options they make, and also gives the audience a behind-the-scenes look as to what is happening on our roadways this day. It requirements to be talked around and also the present doesn"t shy away from giving us the platdevelop to tell our story.

"We can"t change points if we carry out not acknowledge it and understand also it first. Netflix is the perfect platform for this present, tbelow aren"t many netfunctions who would certainly be brave enough to keep it this genuine."

But what does the future hold for Walters" drug dealer Dushane, and also Kane "Kano" Robinson"s Sully as they do their finest to endure the expect roadways of London in Top Boy seachild four?

Here"s every little thing you should understand.

Top Boy season 4 air date: When will it land on Netflix?

When Top Boy"s rerevolve for a third season was initially announced, outallows reported the show would be returning for not just one brand-new series, yet 2 – which implies we"ve recognized around seachild 4 for fairly some time.

We had to wait 2 years from the announcement in 2017 to the initially episode of seaboy 3, but we intended seaboy four to come sooner than that – that was, till 2020"s delays hit the TV sector.

At the start of last year, Drake shown that brand-new episodes were to be meant in 2020, and Netflix concurred a month or so later. Production was because of start in spring of that year, yet was shut down as a result of the pandemic.

It was announced in December 2020 that filming had actually kick-began aacquire in London. The news was mutual by Ashley Wchanges and Kano in a video clip that was posted on Netflix"s main Twitter account: "We"re obviously shooting Top Boy. You asked for it, we gave it to you. Tbelow you go, seakid 2. Netflix. Let"s go."

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"It"s going well," Wtransforms shelp (via NME"s Friends Like These). "The scripts are really great, really tight. We"re coming at it from a new perspective this time, bereason I"m executive developing on this one, so creatively and also script-wise I"m much more involved."

He likewise chatted around just how Covid has affected the production: "Since of COVID, we"ve shed so many kind of places so we"re simply having actually to relocate with what we have the right to. One day we"re doing 6, then we"re back to one, then to 3.

"It"s been hard, yet rest assured to everyone listening or watching, we"ve got another banger for ya. It"s certainly going to be good."

We"ve not had actually much in the way of updays given that then, yet fans are currently hoping that – providing there are no further delays – seachild 4 could be dropping at some point in 2021.

Top Boy season 4 plot: What"s it about?

If you appreciated seaboy 3, you"re not alone; Top Boy"s showrunner Ronan Bennett chosen it too. "Sometimes you create somepoint for display and it simply does not come out and you"d hoped even though all the individual parts are excellent, yet somejust how once they"re all together they just do not gel. This is different," he told Metro. "I think the new seachild is brilliant, I really do. We do not desire to sit on our laurels."

So, we deserve to suppose more of the exact same for seakid 4, with enough included twists and surprises to store points amazing.

There"s the fate of Dris to work out, for one thing, after we heard a gunswarm at the end of seachild three. Many type of fans seem convinced that the character, who has actually been roughly considering that 2011, is still alive – via many type of concluding that he might not also have been swarm after all.

And then there"s Tilly, whose future on the present was left up in the air. We do know that she"s alive, which presents the possibility for her to rerotate. But with Jamie being told not to come back (and also if he takes Dushane"s offer and renders it out of prison), we"d suppose that he"d be looking to make amends.

The season-three finale also gave an additional, more subtle, twist in the form of assumed junkies Lee and Sarah. They invested a lot of their time stumbling approximately the estate, yet we currently understand that they are, in truth, police policemans.

We"d suppose this to play a pretty huge component in season four, especially as the expose was mentioned by Top Boy"s official social media accounts (simply in instance you"d missed it on-screen).


Bennett also shelp (by means of Radio Times) that Sully will be functioning via some emotional chaos in the upcoming chapter: "I remember being at the keyboard, working via after the fire in which Sully bacount escapes with his life and his friend gets killed and I was type of inputting amethod and I put my hand also to my face in the way that we"re told not to in these COVID times and also I remember smelling charcoal on my fingers and reasoning about that and simply going via that idea that what if that is a sign for him and also it"s in his head – this smell.

"And Dushane claims to him, "If you deserve to smell it when you sleep, it"s not genuine." It may not be real to Dushane but it"s very real to Sully and also I think that helped us just get past the principle of somebody that in seaboy one and also two was quick tempered and also quick to use his fists."

He added: "Without a doubt we"re taking that a action even more in the brand-new season."

As this is technically the second seakid on Netflix, there’s a chance Bennett looked to the original second seakid for inspiration, and also went darker. That"s if he remembered it!

"Seachild 1 went out across four consecutive nights and also the reviews were terrific," the showrunner told Dazed. "Channel 4 obtained a really excellent audience, and also the demographic of the audience was young, diverse. Broadcasters chase that audience. Nobody under-30 watches live TV any even more, however they did then. Tright here was a vast buzz and also excitement around it."

"For seakid 2 it was a question of exactly how to expand the civilization and relocate the personalities along. I need to tell you that creating that seakid , I honestly don’t remember a lot about that time. It’s such a blur to me now. The thing I am extremely conscious of is that the finishing of seachild 2 is really quite harsh. Seaboy 1 and 3 have actually even more hope. Just because of wbelow I was at that time for seaboy 2, it operated considerably for storyinforming, yet it was a hard thing to ask the audience to execute. I guess you create what’s in your head and heart at the moment."

Whatever before happens, suppose the high criteria of the first 3 seasons to be uphosted. This is a present its cast is incredibly proud of.

"This story might be told in so many type of various places, however us being able to actually tell our story and the stories of human being around us is what’s actually important," Ward told Wonderland.

"The a lot of surgenuine ideas and also principles that you watch on TV or in films are typically the true stories," Wchanges included. " the majority of exciting, the the majority of glamorised are normally the bullshit … Transferring actual stories and placing them ondisplay is one of the hardest points and that’s what I think Top Boy better than most various other mirrors or films in its genre."

"Well not also a lot of, all of them," Ward interrupted.

"I didn’t wanna be so expect <…> I collection it up and also you knocked it dvery own, baby!" Wchanges laughed.

Top Boy seakid 4 cast: Who"ll be in it?

Ashley Wchanges (Dushane), Kane "Kano" Robinson (Sully) and also Micheal Ward (Jamie) will certainly all be earlier, as season three"s big cliffhanger revolves about them.

We"d bet our block that Jasmine Jobson (Jaq), Ashley Thomas (Jermaine), Simbi "Little Simz" Ajikawo (Shelley), David "Dave" Omoregie (Modie), Kadeem Ramsay (Kit), Lisa Dwan (Lizzie) and Saffron Hocking (Lauryn) will all be earlier also.

A entirety host of the cast shared a reunion on Instagram in July of last year, which consisted of Micheal Ward and also Jasmine Jobson, along with Araloyin Oshunremi, Hope Ikpoku Jnr, Kadeem Ramsay and also Alexander Blake (aka Blakie). It wasn"t clear whether this meet-up was anypoint regarded the upcoming seachild or just a "family" reunion.

Fans have actually additionally long-been wondering whether Drake could make a cameo at some allude.

The rapper-turned-executive producer deserves a walk-on part after basically conserving the series.

"It was put on Netflix after it was cancelled, a pair of years later, and we started to get most interemainder Stateside," Wchanges previously said.

"And then Drake watched it, which was weird, and we woke up someday, witnessed all this press over it he"d posted.

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"He had a photo of me and also shelp, "When"s the present coming back?" and also I sassist it"s been cancelled and he sassist, "Well, we"ll watch around that". Cut to around a year and a half later and he came ago to the table through a deal and also that was it, we went from there.

"He came earlier for the read-via and he remained in and also out of London while we were shooting. But his entirety point was he was a fan of the display first and forethe majority of, and also he just wanted us to carry out what we did initially. He didn"t want to have actually also a lot artistic manage."