PowerPoint files are called presentations.

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Whenever before you start a new task in PowerPoint, you'll must produce a new presentation, which deserve to either be blank or from a template. You'll additionally must recognize just how to open up an existing presentation.

Clicking the Documents tab
Creating a brand-new presentation
A new presentation will certainly show up.To open an existing presentation:Select the File tab to go to Backphase view.Select Open.
Clicking Open
Select Computer, then click Browse. Additionally, you deserve to select OneDrive (previously well-known as SkyDrive) to open up files stored on your OneDrive.
Clicking Browse
Opening a presentation

If you've opened the desired presentation freshly, you have the right to browse your Recent Presentations rather of trying to find the file.

To pin a presentation:

If you generally job-related through the very same presentation, you deserve to pin it to Backphase watch for simple access.

Select the File tab to go to Backstage view. Click Open. Your Recent Presentations will show up.Hover the computer mouse over the presentation you want to pin. A pushpin icon
will certainly appear next to the presentation. Click the pushpin icon.
The presentation will certainly remain in Recent Presentations. To unpin a presentation, simply click the pushpin symbol again.

You have the right to also pin folders to Backstage view for basic access. From Backphase see, click Open, locate the folder you want to pin, then click the pushpin icon.

Using templates

A template is a predesigned presentation you have the right to usage to create a new slide present quickly. Templates often include practice formatting and designs, so they can conserve you a lot of time and effort once founding a brand-new project.

To create a brand-new presentation from a template:Click the File tab to access Backphase view.Select New. You can click a said search to find templates or usage the search bar to discover something more particular. In our instance, we'll search for Business presentations.
Searching for templates
Select a template to testimonial it.
Selecting a template
A preview of the theme will show up, together with extra information on how the layout deserve to be provided.Click Create to usage the selected layout.
Creating a brand-new presentation via a template
A brand-new presentation will show up via the selected template.

It's necessary to note that not all templates are produced by Microsoft. Many kind of are developed by third-party companies and also even individual customers, so some templates may work much better than others.

Compatibility mode

Sometimes you might must occupational via presentations that were produced in earlier versions of PowerPoint, such as PowerPoint 2003 or PowerPoint 2000. When you open these forms of presentations, they will appear in Compatibility mode.

Compatibility mode disables specific attributes, so you'll only be able to accessibility commands found in the regime that was supplied to create the presentation. For example, if you open up a presentation developed in PowerPoint 2003, you deserve to only use tabs and also regulates discovered in PowerPoint 2003.

In the photo below, you deserve to see that the presentation is in Compatibility mode. This will certainly disable some PowerPoint 2013 attributes, such as more recent forms of slide transitions.

Compatibility mode

To exit Compatibility mode, you'll must transform the presentation to the existing variation form. However, if you're collaborating via others that only have accessibility to an previously version of PowerPoint, it's best to leave the presentation in Compatibility mode so the format will certainly not adjust.

You deserve to testimonial this support web page from Microsoft to learn even more about which functions are disabled in Compatibility mode.

To convert a presentation:

If you desire accessibility to all PowerPoint 2013 attributes, you deserve to convert the presentation to the 2013 file format.

Note that converting a paper might cause some alters to the original layout of the presentation.

Click the File tab to accessibility Backstage see.
Clicking the Documents tab
Locate and choose the Convert command.
Converting the presentation to the newest file type
The Save As dialog box will show up. Select the location where you want to conserve the presentation, enter a file name, and also click Save.
Saving a new version of the workbook
The presentation will be converted to the newest file form.


Create a new blank presentation. Open an existing presentation from your computer system or OneDrive.Pin a folder to Backphase check out.Create a brand-new presentation using a template.

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