There is no strict definition of virginity, bereason tbelow is no strict meaning of sex.

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You could have heard that a virgin is someone who has never before had actually sex. And shedding your virginity generally suggests having sex for the initially time. But what does that really mean?

The idea of virginity is ancient. The word “virgin” has deep roots in our society and history, and it shows up in every little thing from our religious practices to our fairy tales. We have the right to use it to define things that are untouched, choose a virgin rainwoodland. But once we’re talking about sex, the word’s long history doesn’t make its interpretation any kind of clearer. 

There is no strict definition of sex

To some civilization, the word “sex” means sex-related intercourse — that is, the sort of penis-in-vagina sex that people via typically male and also female body components deserve to have actually together, occasionally for the functions of developing children. 

But it’s pretty clear that this definition doesn’t fairly capture the whole concept of sex or of being sexually active. Instead, it raises all kinds of questions. 

For example, would certainly you call it sex if you had actually almost-sex, oral sex, or anal sex? What about sex utilizing sex toys? Or internet sex? What if someone isn’t certain if they had sex? And, honestly, just how lengthy does sex have to last in order for it to count as sex?

That’s just the start. Some even more examples are as follows:

Plenty of same-sex couples might say they’ve been sexually energetic together for years without ever having penis-in-vagina sex. 

We can’t use baby-making potential as component of the interpretation of sex, because with in-vitro fertilization (IVF) you can gain pregnant without ever having actually sex. 

And what about world that were required or coerced into having sex — have to we call that sex, or need to we contact that somepoint else? 

The bottom line is, tright here isn’t a solitary meaning of sex that we have the right to all agree on. And if we’re all making use of different (or changing) interpretations of sex, it’s tough to agree on whether or not someone has actually done it.

Losing your virginity is an principle, not a physical change

Even if we don’t agree on what, precisely, counts as sex, many civilization have actually some concept of what it means to be sexually active. And the fact stays that when you enter into a sex-related relationship through someone, it’s still a big deal.

What happens to my body as soon as I shed my virginity? 

Provided you don’t gain pregnant or catch any kind of sexually transmitted illness (STDs), it’s possible your body won’t readjust a lot at all the initially time you have actually sex. 

If you have female-typical body parts through a vagina, your hymen can tear. This occasionally happens once you have actually penetrating sex for the first time.

The hyguys is a soft item of tproblem that partially covers the opening to the vagina in some world. It doesn’t totally cover the vaginal opening. If it did, you wouldn’t have the ability to gain your period or use a tampon. 

If your hyguys gets damaged because of sex, it could reason some bleeding. But not everyone is born through a hymen, and also it doesn’t necessarily take a penis to tear it. If it does tear throughout sex, it can tear a little little even more as soon as you have actually sex aobtain later on. And sometimes hymens tear for various other reasons — like riding a bike or participating in sports. 

What else happens as soon as I shed my virginity?

If virginity and being a virgin — or not being a virgin — are essential to you, you can experience some emotional upheaval the first time you have actually sex. Depfinishing on your scenarios, shedding your virginity could make you feel: 





Becoming sexually energetic frequently indicates gaining emotionally cshed to another person. This have the right to be wonderful, terrifying, or many type of things in in between. Having a partnership break acomponent after having actually sex — particularly if it was the first time you had actually sex — have the right to be particularly difficult, as well. 

When you consider all those things, it’s clear the emotional transforms that come via shedding your virginity deserve to be a lot even more effective than the physical ones.

Am I different after I lose my virginity?

Not really. Emotionally, you could feel different. And, certain, there’s a possibility your hymen can have actually torn. But it is a deep-seated myth that something magic inside you changes the first time you have actually sex. 

Can other human being tell when I’ve shed my virginity?

No — not in a physical feeling, anyway. But the emotional and social alters that come through ending up being sexually active often lead civilization to act differently, so there’s a chance others might pick up on that. 

It is occasionally feasible for a medical experienced to view the hyguys in the time of a gyneco-friendly exam. But having actually a torn or damaged hymen doesn’t prove you had actually sex. Other things deserve to damage a hymen, and some world don’t have actually an intact hyguys to start through.

Is there any kind of means to acquire my virginity back?

Of course, you can’t go earlier in time to uncarry out things you’ve already done. So, in that feeling, the answer is no. But given that the idea of virginity is vague, it’s feasible that whether or not you can gain your virginity earlier can depend on what virginity means to you.

For you, does virginity just use to particular forms of sex? Or is it even more linked to the powerful affect of becoming intimately affiliated with a partner? And, honestly, does it even matter?

If you have actually regrets around sex, take manage. If you’re still in a sex-related relationship that you don’t choose, take steps to finish it. Having sex as soon as (or twice or 100 times) doesn’t intend you ever before have to perform it aobtain. 

If you had actually sex in the previous but wish you hadn’t, focus on the future. You can not be able to change things you’ve done, yet you have the right to decide to label it a learning suffer and relocate forward. No one provides the best choices all the moment, however you deserve to decide to manage things differently from currently on.

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The bottom line

Losing your virginity suggests having actually sex for the first time — and also if you think that sounds vague, you’re best. The interpretation of virginity varies because the definition of sex varies. That suggests you get to decide specifically what virginity indicates to you. 

No matter what you call it (or exactly how you do it), deciding whether or not to have actually sex for the initially time is a crucial decision via potential aftermath.