I"m new to MTG. I have actually Horizon Chimera which has actually "Whenever before you attract a card, get 1 life." Does that intend you gain 1 life at the start of every round, as soon as you draw a card? (That seems over-powered.)



It implies exactly what it says: eextremely time you attract a card, you get 1 life. This includes the card you attract at the beginning of your draw step every rotate and also any kind of card that a spell or capacity tells you to attract.

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Draw Step504.1. First, the energetic player draws a card. This turn-based activity doesn’t usage the stack.

You perform the "attract a card" keyword action at the beginning of your transforms, and also that"s the activity on which Horizon Chimera"s ability triggers, so it does indeed trigger.

Keep in mind that the ability triggers for every card drawn, also once instructed to draw multiple cards.

120.2. Cards may just be drawn one at a time. If a player is instructed to attract multiple cards, that player perdevelops that many type of individual card draws.

This differs from "whenever you lose life" (which triggers once eexceptionally time you lose life, no issue exactly how a lot life you lose) and "whenever before deals damage" (which triggers once every time it deals damage, no issue exactly how much damage it deals).

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