Search chests in Wailing Woods is just one of the week 8 battle pass challenges in Fallout Battle Royale. To finish it and also gain the prize, you’ll have to uncover and also open seven loot chests in the thick forest in the northeast of the map. If you’re unsure wright here to look for them, our Fortnite BR Wailing Woods chest locations overview will show you.

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Wbelow to discover chests in Wailing Woods?

Half of the chests in the location are hidden in the hedge maze in the center of the woodland. One is on the top floor of the watchtower in the middle of the maze, while the other 4 are in the corners, under the four trees.


If you go to the southwestern component of the woods, you’ll come across an additional spawn place. It’s on the edge of the forest, apeak a red RV via a tent close to it.

Directly north of tbelow, in the far western area, you’ll find another chest. It’s in the back of a blue pick-up truck that’s parked close to a little melted.

The last chest is in the northwestern component of the woodland. There’s a picnic spot tbelow, on the very edge, with two RVs hastily parked adjacent. The chests spawns on the wood table.

And that’s all of them. Not eincredibly chest will certainly spawn each time, so you’ll more than likely have to land also at leastern a few times to gain them all. In addition, a bunch of world will certainly be gunning for them, so obtain prepared for some competition.

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