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Where deserve to I buy a large powder puff for body powder? (reviews, product)
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no kudzu

I can"t uncover one on line and i can"t discover a big enough one in the old fashioned boxes of body powder. With hot weather currently below both my husband and also I slather on the baby powder and we need massive puffs so it doesn"t finish up all over the floor.Many many thanks.
I"ve checked out them at both Walmart and Targain. Look in the area that has points favor nail clippers and also eyelash curlers.
I discovered them virtual. But you should gain this one for your husband also just as a prank:Amazon.com: Bella Il Fiore Shimmer Powder Puff, Pink with Silver Shimmer, 8 Ounce: BeautySay its all you could uncover. It has glittery powder inside as if the wand wasn"t negative sufficient. LOLBut for real:http://www.amazon.com/s/?ie=UTF8&key...l_4fmer3clf1_bTbelow is a ton on ebay under: large body powder puff
I bought a big flat cotton puff at my neighborhood CVS.... And on Etsy -- handmade... And at the Vermont Counattempt Store http://www.vermontcountrysave.com/s...3_Puffs)/H2683
I can not think this item which was a staple for eextremely mom and also grandmother for generations is so hard to find. DH looked at 2 targets and 2 walmarts and dubbed numerous Ulta without success. The $1.99 on amazon (Diana) had damaging reviews. We will certainly order from the Vermont Counattempt Story- just how might I have actually forobtained that wonderful source- tonight. Also going to obtain White Shoulders Dusting powder from them too.So tell me younger women---Do people not usage body powder anymore? It would certainly seem so since it is so tough to discover.
I usage body powder and for years I"d simply reminder the bottle onto my hand also and pat it on. Until I bought the Jean Nate powder and now I fill that container. I favor the puff, yet honestly, it"s not vital.... and having a huge container of powder can be problematic for area challenged. And having curious kitties on occasion knock it off the respond to and also spill it almost everywhere when you"re at occupational, and then walk all with it and track it EVERYWHERE isn"t fun either... although I laughed as soon as I walked right into the home.... looked prefer a crime scene already dusted for paw prints.

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I discovered my massive puffs at amazon, seller has actually digital save. go to buypowderpuffs.com, firm is referred to as unique impressions. My puffs are 5.5 inches BIG, love them, online keep has actually pretty glass jars likewise.the one I obtained from them is Amazon.com: JUMBO Powder Puff 5.5" (15cm): Beauty
Oh I love those points, I flourished up in New Zealand and we offered to have actually them made out of sheepskin. Just lovely....a genuine blast from the past too! I"ve never before watched them in Australia, I"ll watch if I deserve to uncover a link. ETA they"re like good hairbrushes, if you buy one you"ll never before should buy another. LInk - I stand also corrected - these are from Oz http://www.rosehart.com/handmade-powder-puff.aspx
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