Holden’s fixation on the ducks in the Central Park lagoon represents his fear of adjust. When he concerns around where the ducks go during the wintertime, he finds himself unsettled by the idea that they have to alter their stays in order to survive. What he falls short to realize, though, is that they aren’t altering their lives, given that seeking out warmer environments is ssuggest component of their migration pattern and also, for this reason, doesn’t reexisting any type of readjust for them. In truth, that the ducks always go back to the lagoon in warmer weather need to actually comfort Holden, since it says that certain things really execute stay the very same also if change is an natural component of life. However, Holden is as well focused on the principle that the ducks have to adapt in order to stay alive, so he continues to be unable to check out the fregulations in his thinking. In turn, the ducks come to be an embodiment of the tunnel-vision Holden gets once he starts to obsess around readjust and the future.

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The timeline listed below mirrors where the symbol The Ducks in the Lagoon in Central Park appears in The Catcher in the Rye. The colored dots and also symbols suggest which themes are linked through that appearance.

...that he doesn’t even need to focus on what he’s saying, so he thinks about the ducks that congregate in a lagoon in Central Park, wondering wright here they go throughout the winter.(full context)

...to a location referred to as the Edmont Hotel. On the way, he asks the driver wbelow the ducks in the Central Park lagoon go in the winter, however the driver thinks he’s joking...(complete context)
...Ernie’s, Holden strikes up a conversation with his cab driver, Horwitz. When he asks about the ducks in the Central Park lagoon, Horwitz becomes angry at the stupidity of his question, shouting...

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(full context)
Holden walks to Central Park to inspect on the ducks in the lagoon. On his means, he drops the document he bought for Phoebe and also...(full context)