Route 210. > South of the pit in between the climbable rocks (needs Rock Climb) (hidden)Route 228. > At the end of a narrowhead bridge south of the pair of Pokémon Rangers.Iron Island also. > In the last room.Pokemon via the capacity Pickup. Between Levels 41-60 a 4% possibility to uncover one.

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Where perform you obtain a shiny stone in platinum?

Click to see full answer. Also asked, wright here have the right to I find a shiny rock platinum? Route 228. > At the end of a narrow bridge south of the pair of Pokémon Rangers. Iron Island. > In the last room. Pokemon via the capability Pickup. Between Levels 41-60 a 4% possibility to find one.

Wright here do you find a leaf stone in Pokemon platinum?

At the end of the iron cave, tbelow is a tiny hole, go in and also you can uncover an object, click on the item and also you will gain the shiny rock. thanked the writer. blurted this. thanked the writer. blurted this. thanked the writer. blurted this. thanked the writer. blurted this. You might also like… Wbelow Can You Find A Leaf Stone In Pokemon Platinum?

Wright here execute you get the Shiny Stone in Canalave?

From the city “Canalave” you can take go to the Iron Island, there, inside the cave, the Shiny stone inserted at the incredibly end of it. After the National Dex, you deserve to acquire as a lot as you desire in various other means, such as: after each ballte, tbelow is a possibility it holds one.

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Where are all the shiny stones in Sinnoh?

There are 3 Shiny Stones in Sinnoh one is discovered in Iron Island also. It can be offered to evolve a Roselia right into a Roserade or a Togetic into a Togekiss. Sorry that its incredibly shaky but i had my phone in one hand and also was playing the game through the other hand also. Video Game Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. 2006.

Where perform you find the magma stone in Pokemon platinum?

The Magma Stone is uncovered at Stark Mountain. In Platinum, it is explained that the Magma Stone is able to manage Heatran, the Legendary Pokémon that lives within the mountain.

Wbelow to discover swablu in Pokemon platinum?

In Platinum, Swablu shows up at the North end of Route 210; the Poké Radar is not required to uncover Swablu in Platinum. Swablu appears at Route 45 in the time of a Swarm in Heart Gold and also Soul Silver. Swablu deserve to be uncovered at Route 14 and also Abundant Shrine in Black 2 and also White 2.

Wright here to discover a shiny rock in platinum?

At the end of iron island inside at the end of the cave you will view another cave inside a poke sphere has actually the shiny stone. You discover it in iron island also after you complete iron island via riley you go in the direction of the exit and tright here will be a white door nd a babsence door go towards the white door then go dvery own and also you will find shiny rock.

Where deserve to I uncover the Shiny Stone?

Shiny Stone is an evolution item in Pokemon Sword & Shield, combining it through specific Pokemon permits them to evolve. This overview mirrors wbelow to find Shiny Stone Location in Pokemon Sword and also Shield. Shiny Stone Location #1: Shiny Stone is situated in Lake of Outrage (Wild Area). It’s in the north-west of the Wild Area.


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