With this weekend's release ofStep Up All In, the long-running dance movie franchise achieves the rarified milestamong a FIFTH theatrically released installment. So exactly how perform all five movies relate to one another? We're right here to describe.

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With this weekend"s release of Tip Up All In, the long-running dance movie franchise achieves the rarified milestamong a FIFTH theatrically released installment. So just how execute all 5 movies relate to one another? We"re right here to define.

In an industry where sequels are the preeminence it"s still surprisingly rare for a film franchise to make it to number 5. Normally that franchise needs to have actually visceral thrills of which an audience will never tire, points prefer auto chases (The Rapid and also the Furious), exploding viscera (Final Desticountry, Saw, Resident Evil, A Nightmare on Elm Street), laserbeams (Star Trek), or tiny black womales shouting right into bullhorns (Police Academy). We can currently add to this list "hunks doing body-rolls" because with Step Up All In, everybody"s favorite dance-movie franchise has finally unlocked this rarified achievement: a FIFTH theatrically released film! But for those who weren"t currently familiar with this exceptionally essential series it deserve to be hard to keep right how all 5 seemingly stand-alone movies actually relate to one an additional (they do!). Allow us to describe with this simple primer.

Like the Friday the 13th franchise before it, the initially movie in the Tip Up franchise is the outlier of the series in that both films" signature attributes weren"t actually existing yet (which, in the situation of Friday, was Jachild Voorhees, and in the case of Tip Up was ACTUAL FUN). That"s bereason Anne Fletcher"s 2006 dance drama was more concerned via a wrong-side-of-the-tracks romance than exciting set-pieces. In a star-making revolve for Channing Tatum (well, star-making to those who hadn"t already seen his star-making revolve in Amanda Bynes" best hour She"s the Man), the model turned actor provided his legit dancing abilities formerly just seen in Florida spilgrimage clubs to dazzling impact. Tatum played Tyler, a boy who"d grown up in the system and also dropped in via the wrong crew, leading him to vandalize a neighborhood arts high institution. But once the primary (a hilariously bored-looking Rachel Griffiths) agrees to let him perform janitorial job-related to make amends, he meets the stiff, overachieving dancer Nora (Jenna Dewan, Tatum"s future wife). From there the plot unfolds in a pretty intended method, with both Tyler and Nora inspiring each various other to dance in new and more sensual means. Particularly in light of what the franchise has actually end up being, you might be shocked to know that the original Tip Up has a scene in which a boy is murdered in a drive-by shooting. Yep, Step Up certainly taken into consideration itself a gritty drama, but it still established the now-mandatory last dance competition/audition scene and also, spoiler alert, Nora and also Tyler absolutely kill it. Since love. And also abs.

Tip Up 2 The Streets not just boasts the ideal sequel title in film history, it"s also most likely the Tip Up film that civilization adore the the majority of. Jon M. Chu"s 2008 sequel went the now-prevalent course of expunging the leads for fresh meat while mirroring many kind of of the same story beats as its predecessor. The leading lady this time is Andie (Briana Evigan), that we learn via a cameo appearance by Channing Tatum, was as soon as Tyler"s foster sister. Because Andie had actually been obtaining mixed up with the dastardly 410 crew—a gang of street dancers infamous for flash-mobbing unsuspecting citizens—Tyler convinces Andie to enroll at the same arts high college that had adjusted his life, and also that leads her to start a romance with Chase (Robert Hoffman), 2 The Streets" variation of the now-typical soulful-hunk-with-moves character. But Andie"s new aspirations to end up being a respectable, educated citizen of Baltimore gets her kicked out of the 410 crew and also she has no choice but to assemble her very own rag-tag crew to contend at The Streets, which is, you guessed it, an underground dance gang competition. In enhancement to infutilizing the story via many kind of even more dance sequences and slightly flashier filmmaking, Step Up 2 The Streets also introduces Moose, a comic relief character played by Adam G. Sevani, whose visibility in the next 3 installments renders him the improbable challenge of the franchise.

Don"t let the comparatively unimagiaboriginal title fool you: Step Up 3D is VERY wonderful and influenced. Conceptually it"s a fairly large exit from what had actually come before, yet it likewise exceptionally a lot set the formula for what would certainly follow. Returning director Jon M. Chu"s 2010 film presented us to two new leads in Natalie (Sharni Vinson) and Luke (Rick Malambri), whose resides revolve approximately an only-in-the-movies trick metropolitan dance commune complete through artcompletely graffiti"d loft and a sneaker wall. And yes, the dancers must raise money to save the dance commune from evil developers. The New York-collection Tip Up 3D is not just the initially of the movies to depart Baltimore, it likewise eschews the high college element entirely (holdover character Moose currently athas a tendency NYU). Its plot still involves a fish-out-of-water brunette and culminates in a triumphant dance competition, but 3D is the majority of remarkable for its ostensible merger via America"s other excellent dance franchise So You Think You Can Dance. Produced by Adam Shankmale and also featuring even more than a couple of acquainted encounters from the Fox competition series (tWitch! Legacy! Christopher Scott!), Step Up 3D feels prefer nothing so much as a party. And wright here the actual 3D aspect could at initially glance seem choose a crass novelty tie-in that will sucount day it, the gimmick is actually supplied to stunning effect. No, I do not mean the scene wbelow globules of Slurpee float around Luke and Natalie as they make out. I expect the actual 3D choreography, which in this movie seems to be wall-to-wall and more insane by the minute. Except, of course, for a truly stunning and lovely single-take interlude between Moose and also Camille (who retransforms from Part 1!) in which the two friends soft-shoe about a New York sidewalk. Step Up 3D marks the first time this franchise realized what it really wanted to be and also stripped ameans every little thing it didn"t. It"s really, really excellent.

Tip Up Revolution faced a challenge in living approximately its predecessors, but at least it tried. Scott Speer"s 2012 installment relocated the franchise to Miami and also focused about Sean (Ryan Guzman) and Emily (SYCYTD"s Kathryn McCormick), a waiter at a resort hotel, and also the daughter of the hotel owner, respectively. Aacquire, an underground flash mob plays a component, yet instead of rote prankery The Mob fancies themselves a political faction and their primary struggle throughout Revolution is to proccasion the hotel owner (a scenery chewing Peter Gallagher) from razing a negative area in order to construct condos. Aacquire, acquainted encounters from previous movies (welinvolved Miami, Moose!) show up, as perform also even more alumni from SYTYCD (including a scene wherein choreographer Mia Michaels fundamentally plays herself while a number of former contestants choose Billy Bell observe wordlessly). It should come as no surpclimb that Sean and also Emily convince her father not to demolish the Barrio, and all via the undeniable political power of an intricate, 3D-filmed dance number. In regards to creating Tip Up Radvancement is most likely not as great as any of its predecessors, but it"s still beautitotally filmed and the sheer spectacle of it all is truly outstanding.

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Which lug us to Step Up All In, this weekend"s fifth installment in what can now be safely classified a venerable franchise. While we haven"t yet had the pleacertain of seeing it, we understand the film will certainly be the initially to facility approximately leads we"ve currently met. Revolution"s Ryan Guzguy is joined by 2 The Streets" Briana Evigan and also a notably foregrounded Moose for some type of Las Vegas-collection dance crisis. And if director Trish Sie"s tweets asking fans which personalities they"d favor to see rerotate for Part 5 were any indication, this installment assures to double-dvery own on its biggest hits for some significant fan service. That suggests many kind of of the recurring sidekick characters and also dancers (Vladd the Robot! The Santiearlier Twins! Jenny Kido! tWitch!) will be back. But will certainly a fish-out-of-water brunette team up through a body-rolling hunk and win a dance competition of some kind? We"ll recognize shortly sufficient.