24 Types of Nonverbal Communication

Now that you have actually learned about the basic values that apply to nonverbal communication, here are eight types of nonverbal interaction to better understand also this complex facet of communication:

1. Space

2. Time

3. Physical characteristics

4. Body movements

5. Touch

6. Paralanguage

7. Artifacts

8. Environment


When we discuss room in a nonverbal conmessage, we suppose the space in between objects and human being. Gap is frequently linked through social rank and also is an important part of business interaction. Who gets the edge office? Why is the head of the table vital and who gets to sit there?

People from varied cultures may have various normative area expectations. If you are from a huge urba space, having world stand also close to you may be normal. If you are from a rural location or a society wbelow people suppose more space, someone might be standing “as well close” for comfort and not recognize it.

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Territory is concerned regulate. As a method of creating manage over your own room, maybe you painted it your favorite shade, or put up posters that reexisting your interests or things you think about unique about yourself. Families or family members regularly mark their room by putting up fences or walls roughly their residences. This feeling of a appropriate to manage your room is implicit in area. Territory indicates the area you case as your very own, are responsible for, or are willing to protect.

Among the majority of humans tbelow is a basic need for personal area, yet the normative expectations for area differ considerably by society. You might perceive that in your residence human being sleep one to each bed, but in many type of cultures civilization sleep 2 or even more to a bed and it is thought about normal. If you were to share that bed, you might feel uncomfortable, while someone raised with group resting standards might feel uncomfortable sleeping alone. From wright here you stand in an aerobics course in relation to others, to wright here you place your book bag in class, your individual expectations of area are often at variance through others.

Watch the adhering to 3 minute video from CBS through special correspondent Taryn Winter Brill around individual space:

In the same method that tbelow are cultural contexts and expectations for nonverbal habits, public speaking additionally happens in contexts. In The United States and Canada, eye call through the audience is intended. Big activities and gestures are not mainly supposed and deserve to be distracting. The speaker occupies an area on the “phase,” even if it’s in front of the course. When you occupy that space, the audience will suppose to behave actually in specific means. If you talk to the screen behind you while displaying a PowerPoint presentation, the audience might perceive that you are not paying attention to them. Speakers are supposed to pay attention to, and also interact via, the audience, even if in the feedback is generally nonverbal. Your motions must coordinate through the tone, rhythm, and content of your speech. Pacing ago and forth, maintaining your hands in your pockets, or crossing your arms might connect nervousness, or even defensiveness, and also detract from your message.


Do you understand what time it is? How mindful you are of time varies by culture and normative expectations of adherence (or ignorance) of time. Some people, and the areas and also societies they represent, are extremely time-oriented.

When you give a presentation, does your audience need to wait for you? Time is a appropriate aspect of the interaction process in your speech. The best means to show your audience respect is to honor the time expectation connected with your speech. Almeans attempt to sheight speaking before the audience stops listening; if the audience perceives that you have actually “gone over time,” they will be much less willing to listen. This subsequently will have an adverse influence on your capacity to connect your message.

Physical Characteristics

You didn’t select your genes, your eye shade, the herbal color of your hair, or your height, but human being spend millions every year trying to adjust their physical characteristics. You have the right to get colored contacts; dye your hair; and if you are shorter than you’d favor to be, buy shoes to raise your stature a couple of inches. However before, no matter how much you stoop to appear shorter, you won’t readjust your height until time and age slowly provides itself noticeable. If you are tall, you could discover the correct shoe dimension, pant length, or also the size of mattress a difficulty, however there are rewards.

Regardless of your eye or hair color, or also how tall you are, being comfortable with yourself is a vital part of your presentation. Act naturally and take into consideration facets of your presentation you have the right to manage in order to maximize a positive image for the audience.

Body Movements

The research of body movements, called kinesics, is essential to understanding nonverbal communication.

Body motions have the right to match the verbal message by reinforcing the primary concept. For example, you may be offering an orientation presentation to a customer around a software application regime. As you say, “Click on this tab,” you may likewise initiate that activity. Your verbal and also nonverbal messperiods reinforce each various other. You can additionally reinpressure the message by repeating it. If you initially say, “Click on the tab,” and also then activity through your hand to the best, indicating that the customer need to move the cursor arrow through the computer mouse to the tab, your repetition deserve to help the listener understand also the message.

In enhancement to repeating your message, body movements have the right to also manage conversations. Nodding your head to indicate that you are listening may encourage the customer to continue asking questions. Holding your hand also up, palm out, might signal them to soptimal and also provide a pausage where you deserve to start to answer.

Body motions also substitute or rearea verbal messages. For example, if the customer renders a challenge of frustration while trying to use the software program routine, they might require assistance. If they push away from the computer system and separate themselves physically from connecting via it, they might be extremely frustrated. Learning to gauge feelings and their intensity as expressed by customers takes time and also patience, and also your attention to them will certainly enhance your capability to facilitate positive interactions.


Before offering your presentation, you might communicate via world by shaking hands and making casual conversation. This interactivity have the right to help develop trust prior to you take the stage. Once on stage, most world perform not touch audience members physically, yet you deserve to interact via audience members via visual aids, note cards, and also various other objects.

Watch the adhering to brief video that demonstprices the prestige of handshakes. Bad Company Handshakes:


Paralanguage is the exemption to the interpretation of nonverbal communication. You may recontact that nonverbal interaction was defined as “not entailing words” yet paralanguage is a distinct create of nonverbal interaction that exists as soon as we are speaking, utilizing words. Paralanguage involves tone and also nonverbal aspects of speech that influence interpretation, including exactly how loudly or softly you are speaking, intensity, pausing, and also also silence.

Perhaps you’ve likewise heard of a pregnant pausage, a silence between verbal messperiods that is complete of meaning. The meaning itself might be tough to understand also or decipher, yet it is tright here nonethemuch less. For example, your coworker Jan comes earlier from a sales meeting speechmuch less. You may ask if the meeting went all ideal. “Well, ahh…” may be the just response you obtain. The pause speaks quantities. Something happened, though you might not understand what.

Silence or vocal pauses have the right to communicate hesitation, indicate the have to gather believed, or serve as a sign of respect. Sometimes we learn just as much, or even even more, from what a perkid does not say as what they perform say.

Watch the following 1 minute video. It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It:


Do you cover your tattoos as soon as you are at work? Do you understand someone who does? Or probably you understand someone that has a tatalso and also does not have to cover it up on their job? Expectations differ a great deal, and body art or tattoos may still be controversial in the worklocation. In your line of work, a tatalso could be a critical visual assist, or it might detract from your performance as a service communicator. Body piercings might express individuality, however you have to think about how they will be construed by employers and customers.

Artifacts are develops of decorative ornamentation that are preferred to represent self-principle. They have the right to incorporate rings and also tattoos, but might likewise include brand also names and also logos. From clothing to cars, watches, briefcases, purses, and also also eyeglasses, what we pick to surround ourselves via communicates somepoint about our sense of self. Artifacts may task gender, role or position, class or condition, personality, and team membership or affiliation. Paying attention to a customer’s artifacts deserve to provide you a sense of the self they desire to interact, and may allow you to more accurately adapt your message to accomplish their requirements.

In this 1 minute, 24 second video, Adoni Irani, from the University of Toronto, shares the story behind his tattoos: 


Environment entails the physical and also psychological facets of the communication conmessage. More than the tables and chairs in an office, setting is a vital component of the dynamic communication procedure. The perception of one’s atmosphere impacts one’s reactivity to it. For example, Google is renowned for its work setting, through spaces produced for physical task and also also in-residence food company around the clock. The price is no doubt substantial, but Google’s actions soptimal quantities. In Google’s view, the results created in the environment, designed to facilitate imagination, interactivity, and also cooperation, are worth the effort.

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To summarize, nonverbal communication deserve to be categorized into eight types: area, time, physical characteristics, body movements, touch, paralanguage, artifacts, and also atmosphere.