The plot is the location on the chart that display screens the data in the chart type you pick.

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A information point is one item of information appearing on the chart. For the majority of chart forms, each information allude shows the value of the contents of one cell in the data range connected to the chart.

A chart"s legend mirrors what kind of data is represented in the chart. By default, the message that shows up in the legfinish is taken from the chart"s data variety.

Series are sets of connected information. A chart can have actually one or even more series. Each chart form displays series in a different way. Often (however not always), series correspond to rows of data in the data variety.

Categories are "bins" into which the information from each series is sorted. Often (however not always), categories correspond to columns of information in the data variety.

For information on series and also categories, check out Headings in the Data Range and How Each Chart Type Displays Series and also Categories.


The Y axis is vertical on the majority of charts (other than for bar charts, where the Y axis is horizontal). Due to the fact that it screens worths, the Y axis is likewise referred to as the worth axis. On XY and also bubble charts, both the X and also Y axes are value axes.

The X axis is horizontal on many charts (except for bar charts, wright here the X axis is vertical). On many charts, the X axis is dubbed the category axis bereason it displays category names.

Axis labels are words or numbers that note the different sections of the axis. Value axis labels are computed based on the information displayed in the chart. Group axis labels are taken from the category headings gone into in the chart"s data variety.

Axis titles are words or phrases that describe the entire axis.

Markers identify information points. You deserve to put markers on all data points in a series or on only schosen data points.

Grid lines are horizontal or vertical lines that extfinish from the axis ticks.

Drop lines are lines leading from a data allude to the category axis. On huge or facility charts, drop lines assist present which category a file point belongs to. Drop lines are just obtainable on line chart forms.

Documents labels determine individual data points. Documents labels are a good method to emphasize or define a particular item of data on the chart. Documents labels have the right to screen the data point"s category, its worth, or text you enter yourself.

Ticks are brief lines that note off an axis into segments of equal dimension. On worth axes, axis labels are presented on ticks. On category axes, axis labels are displayed between ticks.


Label lines are lines leading from a file point to its data label.

High-low lines are supplied on stock charts to display the variety of prices the stock commanded over a duration of time. High-low lines are accessible just on line chart types.

Open-cshed bars are supplied on stock charts to show the stock"s price at industry opening and also closing. You can shade the bars differently to display whether the stock gained or lost.

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Studies are sub-charts that display screen listed below the main chart in the very same plot area. Studies share the exact same X axis and also commonly present equivalent information on a various scale. Stock charts generally display screen researches that display the volume of stocks traded. You have the right to screen one or more research studies on any kind of chart that has axes.