There"s no respect without fear in this human being. If world are afrassist of you, you deserve to say that you bring weight in this life. The series" personalities are exceptionally different yet they have actually one point in prevalent - a thirst for power. What character would certainly you be in this facility universe of politics?

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Do you have actually something that you need to hide from everybody?

No. If only my curiosity

I drink a lot

Inclination for homosexual relations

Assistance in murder

How would certainly you name your autobiography?

Me, around and also of me

What"s happening here?

Whatever before it takes to achieve the goal

Fashion Icon

What is the finest way to eliminate somebody?

To deprive him of implies of subsistence

A basic murder. The most effective way

Let electronic media address him

I cannot execute it

What is your motto to live by?

I always accomplish what I want

The end sanctifies the means

I don’t care about anybody

Tbelow are things you shouldn"t bear

If someone crosses the wrong road, what should you do?

Is he a frifinish of mine?

It depends on what is more beneficial

To eliminate him

Not a big deal, I have the right to bear it. But once the moment is best, I"ll revenge

How much carry out you depfinish on work?

Are you true to your partner?

My companion is my job

If I know that my partner doesn"t care - No, I"m not

Only if every little thing is bad

If someone else attracts me, why need to I hide it?

What is your weakness?

The burden of my guilt

My partner

My loneliness

I have no weaknesses

How frequently carry out you have a feeling of guilt?

Francis Joseph Underwood

At the beginning of the series - the head of democrats in the Amerihave the right to congress, then vice-president and lastly President of the USA. A 100% scum yet extremely charismatic. His initials F.U. are a wide hint to Fuck You. Underhardwood is bisex-related however it"s never clear which sex he has for the sake of sex and also which for political reasons. Probably, he doesn"t have actually the former at all. By the means, the character of Undertimber - or, fairly, the analogous character from the British book, which was taken as the series" basis - is partially based upon Rictough III, the King of England in the time of the Wars of the Roses, and also his interpretation in the same-called Shakespeare"s tragedy. He hates his deceased alcoholic father. When Frank was a son, his dad asked him to shoot him. The Underwood"s best regret is that he didn"t it. Tell your friends around your result. What duty does wait for them?

Claire Hale Underwood

Frank"s wife, the first lady of the UNITED STATE A true companion and also associate. She encourages the husband"s passion for power and also his neglect for morals. The last - just to a degree. For instance, she is not versus her husband"s cheating yet it seems she does not understand that he helped to kill a couple of human being and a dog. Claire is in charge of a fund dealing with ecology and water worries. She and Frank are child-totally free. Tell your friends around your result. What function does wait for them?

Doug Stamper

An Underwood"s ex-assistant. He was mutilated at the finish of the second seaboy, that"s why Underwood didn"t need him in the 3rd seakid and also bereason of that Doug suffered a lot. He is dependent on serving Undertimber. He does all the dirty work and Frank is more prefer a grasp than an employer. Stamper has no life other than for this one, and also among the essential plotline disputes comes from this. Tell your friends about your outcome. What duty does wait for them?

Peter Russo

A member of The United States House of Representatives from the initially district of Pennsylvania. He was additionally a gubernatorial candidate for Pennsylvania when Jim Matthews who came to be vice-president vacated the office. Peter is an alcoholic and also drug addict; a weak perboy. Sometimes he has actually lucid moments as soon as he sets big objectives and tries to achieve them. One of the few personalities of the display through moral ethics, although occasionally he cannot carry them to life. He had to aid Underhardwood in his illegal service however then he started to ask as well many questions. Underhardwood acquired him drunk and shut in the automobile through the motor ignited.

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Tell your friends about your outcome. What role does wait for them?