Use signal expression choose “according to” and “indicates” to introduce quotes and also paraphrased message in your creating. Learn even more about signal phrases and just how to usage them effectively in esclaims and files via different style guides. You’ll find that having actually a variety of signal phrases lets you vary the sentence framework in your writing, making your work sound more poliburned.

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Womale creating a signal phrase for a story

What Is a Signal Phrase?

Signal phrases serve an essential duty in creating. When you quote someone or paraexpression somepoint you’ve read, you must attribute the idea or quote to the perkid that shelp it. The way you execute that is by utilizing a signal expression.

Think of signal phrases as academic choices to “sassist.” These words and also teams of words tell the reader that what he or she is about to review comes from a certain resource.

40 Signal Phrase to Use in Your Writing

Add array and also a skilled tone to your creating by utilizing a selection of signal phrases. These deserve to assist you expand also your repertoire. Often, picking the appropriate signal phrase is about learning just how you plan to usage it.

General Signal Phrase

The following signal phrases occupational in a selection of cases in your creating, whether you are quoting straight or paraphrasing:

according toacknowledges/acknowledgedadds/addedaddresses/addressedargues/arguedasserts/assertedcomments/commentedconcedes/concededconcludes/concludedconfirms/confirmedcontends/contendeddeclares/declareddefines/defineddraws attention to/has attracted attention toemphasizes/emphasizedexplains/explainedfinds/foundmentions/mentionednotes/notedobserves/observedpoints out/pointed outprofesses/professedproposes/proposedputs forth/put forthreasons/reasonedrecognizes/recognizedreports/reportedreveals/revealedshows/showedstates/statedwrites/wrote

Signal Phrases Indicating Skepticism or Opinion

Some signal phrases indicate uncertainty on the component of the resource, a personal belief of the resource, or an interpretation you are making based on the words of the original resource. These signal phrases are a little bit even more ambiguous or opinion-based than the basic


Signal Phrases Indicating Disagreement

Some signal phrases job-related only for situations in which the resource disagrees with something or someone else. Use among the adhering to if you are creating around this kind of situation:


How to Use Signal Phrases

Using a range of signal phrases is beneficial, yet it’s additionally essential to use them properly. Keep these tips and guidelines in mind as you write.

Refer to Your Layout Guide

Style guides prefer MLA and also APA have actually different rules for exactly how to usage signal phrases. MLA uses signal phrases in the present tense, while APA supplies past tense. You deserve to see the distinction in these

MLA: Smith confirms that broccoli has actually considerable nutritional value.APA: Smith confirmed that broccoli has actually significant nutritional value.

Consider the Tamong the Signal Phrase

Before you decide on a signal phrase to use, think about its tone. Many kind of signal phrases indicate somepoint about the resource. Some tell the reader the quote or paraphrase is the source’s opinion. Others display that the source did study to come up through a conclusion. When you choose a phrase, make sure it matches the interpretation you intend. If you’re in doubt, read it aloud to make certain it makes sense.

Vary the Placement of Signal Phrases

Although signal phrases generally come at the start of the quote or paraphrase, it have the right to also come in the middle or at the finish. Vary the placement of the expression to make your writing even more expert. Consider these of differing the placement:

According to Smith, broccoli has considerable nutritional value.Broccoli has significant nutritional value, according to Smith.Broccoli has actually considerable nutritional value, according to Smith, however not everyone likes this vegetable.

Give Credit to Your Sources With Style

Using a signal expression helps protect against plagiarism by properly attributing information to the correct source. Signal phrases additionally offer you a possibility to make your creating even more polimelted and also expert by differing your sentence structure. With exercise, your esstates and also academic writing will offer crmodify to your resources via style and range.

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Use these 40 signal phrases to help offer credit for quotes and paraphrases. Make your composing even more expert by making use of signal phrases properly.