Approximately ____ of nationwide revenue is compensation obtained by owners of land, funding, and entrepreneurial skills.

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If the demand for softballs increases, one could mean the demand also for leather to rise. This is because of the:
An car firm encounters a rise in the demand also for cars it provides to the industry, which leads to a rise in the demand for autoemployees.
When labor is a firm"s only variable input in its manufacturing process, a profit-maximizing firm will proceed to employ extra employees as long as:
The connection in between the wage price and the amount of labor that employers wish to hire is called:
An boost in the demand also for new houses leads to a boost in the demand also for building workers.
If labor is the only variable input, a second worker rises output from 72 to 78 units, and the product price is $6, the marginal revenue product from an additional worker:



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