The process of ________________ , or identifying problems and opportunities and then resolving them, involves effort both before and after choosing a course of action.

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You have recently been promoted, and your decisions will have a greater impact on your organization than before. Even if you try hard to make good decisions, what factors may contribute to poor outcomes? Check all that apply.
Colleagues may have different opinions about how to solve the problem or even what the problem is.Information may be incomplete or contradictory, requiring some guesswork.Conditions change, so the future environment may not be the same as the current one.
Larry"s company has decided to no longer lease office space and instead have all employees work from home. Larry needs to make a _________________________ as he figures out how the newly dispersed workforce can cost-effectively order office supplies.
The most difficult decision-making situation is _______________ , because the problem to be solved is unclear, alternatives are difficult to define, and information about outcomes is unavailable.
In February 2011, Facebook announced that it would be releasing versions of Oregon Trail and Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?, two popular video games. The decision Facebook made about which video games to offer is a:
Last spring, your spouse surprised you with a puppy. Fortunately, the puppy (named Loki after the Norse god of mischief) gets along well with your 17 cats. The decision you make every day about whether or not to feed Loki is a:
Sarkis is a sales manager for the Bratney Companies, a company that manufactures equipment used in the processing of grains and other produce. Every year, Sarkis must submit a request for the number of new sales representatives to be hired in the next year. Sarkis"s goal is clear—he must have enough sales reps to service all of Bratney"s customers—but it is often difficult to predict how many customers the company will have. Sales are dependent on the economy, weather, farming trends, and a large number of other environmental factors. Sarkis"s decision about how many sales reps to hire is being made under conditions of _______________________ , because:
A large amount of data stored in a computer system that can be used to support quantitative decision techniques
Proposed by Herbert A. Simon, ___________________ means that managers are limited in the extent to which they can use the classical model of decision making, because they only have so much time and ability to process information.
If you work in a complex organization in which you see the political model of decision making at work, which of the following is likely true about your organization?
During the diagnosis step of the decision-making process, managers might _____________________ to uncover the root cause of a problem.
Bob is a student at Fresno State University who recently got his first F. Now he has to make a decision about how to get his grades back up. Having recently taken a class on decision making, Bob decides to follow the six-step process for deciding what to do. What problem is Bob most likely to face during the recognition of decision requirement step in the decision-making process?
Four distinct _______________ have been identified that characterize how managers evaluate problems, generate alternatives, and make choices.
Cassie likes to make decisions after considering many alternatives and looking at as much objective data as possible.
Mike interviewed Dan for a sales clerk position, and Mike really liked Dan. They got along great in the interview, and they are both fans of the Green Bay Packers football team. Mike wanted to hire Dan on the spot, but per company policy, he checked Dan"s references. One of Dan"s previous employers said he was constantly late to work and was sometimes rude to customers. However, another previous manager said Dan only worked for her for six weeks but was satisfactory during that time. Mike decided that the second manager"s opinion was worth more than the first one"s and hired Dan.
Ask Dan for additional references and follow up with those employers to reach a better conclusion about Dan"s previous work performance
In ______________ , employees generate a wide range of alternatives. Organizations may use ______________________ to encourage participation from people with social inhibitions, reduce a tendency to conform, and increase the diversity of participants.
The tendency for decision makers to conform rather than express contrary opinions is ______________ . When this occurs, managers prioritize _________________ over the quality of the decision.
Which of the following statements is consistent with evidence-based decision making? Check all that apply.
Evidence-based decision making uses hard facts and data to discern the best course of action.Knowing what you don"t know is as important as knowing what you do know.
Following are several actions managers commonly take when confronted with turnover. Which of these actions are not supported by evidence? Check all that apply.
Discourage employees from making friends in the organization.Implement a program to reduce turnover throughout the organization.
When Helena says in the video that she has to make decisions as though she"s 25 because otherwise she"ll be "way too conservative and we"ll be dead in the water," she is describing a way of countering _____________________ .

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Helena"s managers meet to discuss customer feedback on the many design ideas she has come up with and decide which bikinis to make next year. For each bikini design, some customers love it and others hate it. This is a ________________ decision. Furthermore, the purchasing manager is primarily concerned about the cost of fabric and trim, the sales manager is primarily concerned about how much Mi Ola can charge for each item, and the marketing manager is primarily concerned about whether the designs will reinforce the brand image. Therefore, how this decision gets made can best be described by the ____________ model.
"I want to expand our social media presence, engaging our customers on their preferred platforms in a cost-effective manner. If I use a rational decision-making process, what can I expect the outcome to be?"
"you will rate all alternatives against known criteria and choose the course of action that will maximize return to the organization."
During the fallout of the global financial crisis of the late 2000s, finance companies had to make important decisions in a highly ambiguous environment. The decision to buy out failed banks could best be described as which of the following types of decision?
Riley is a manager at the Tinker Tools. She is expected to make decisions that are in the organization"s best economic interests. Her decisions should be based on which of the following models?