Cost actions refers to the manner in whichA. a expense is alsituated to productsB. a cost is offered in setting offering pricesC. a price is estimatedD. a expense transforms as the associated task changes

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Costs that reprimary constant in complete dollar amount as the level of activity alters are calledA. variable costsB. fixed costsC. blended costsD. product costs
Which of the adhering to expenses is an instance of a cost that remains the exact same in full as the variety of systems created changes?A. units-of-production depreciation on manufacturing facility equipmentB. direct materialsC. direct laborD. salary of a manufacturing facility supervisor
Which of the following describes the actions of the resolved expense per unit?A. decreases with increasing productionB. decreases with decreasing productionC. remains consistent with transforms in productionD. rises with increasing production
Most operating decisions of management focus on a narrowhead array of task referred to as theA. strategic level of productionB. optimal level of productionC. relevant array of productionD. tactical operating level of production
Which of the following defines the actions of a variable price per unit?A. varies in increasing proportion with alters in the task levelB. varies in direct propercent through the activity levelB. stays consistent through transforms in the activity levelC. varies in decreasing propercent with alters in the activity level
For objectives of evaluation, mixed prices areA. separated right into their variable and fixed cost componentsB. classified as variable costsC. classified as resolved costsD. classified as duration costs
The contribution margin proportion isA. the same as the profit-volume ratioB. the very same as profitC. the same as the variable expense ratioD. the percent of equity contributed by the stockholders
If solved prices are $400,000 and the unit contribution margin is $20, what amount of systems need to be marketed in order to have actually a zero profit?A. 10,000 unitsB. 25,000 unitsC. 20,000 unitsD. 400,000 units

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