The conventional deviation is a meacertain of dispersion. It is the activity or procedure of distributing thing over a wide location.

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Dispersion:dispersion is the meacertain of the variation in between items.

Dispersion is the state of acquiring spread or spread. Statistical dispersion implies the extent to which a numerical data is likely to differ around an average worth.In various other words, dispersion helps to understand also the distribution of the information.

Central tendency: A meacertain of central tendency is a typical value for a probcapability circulation.

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It is calculated for a grouped information or for a probability distribution.The many common measure of central tendency are mean, median and also mode.



Q2. The intend weight of 9 items is 15 kg. If an additional item is added then the expect weight becomes 16 kg, then the weight of tenth item will be
Q3. The suppose and typical deviation of a variable x are 36 and also 4 respectively. Then the mean and also conventional deviation of <50 - (x / 4)>, respectively are:
Q4. For a frequency distribution of a discrete variable, the diagram of much less than form cumulative frequency is a
Q5. Initially tbelow are 9 employees, all being passist a unicreate wage. Later a 10th worker is included whose wage price is Rs. 20 less than for the others. The average wage gets:
Q6. The yearly vehicles production (in lacs) in india is given in the pie chart.If the yearly manufacturing of motor cycle is 1.80 lacs, the annual production
Q8. Following histogram mirrors particular frequency distribution versus course intervals.The approximated intend of this circulation is:
Q9. In a course, there are 25 students whose average age decreases by 3 months once one student aged 22 years is reinserted by a new student. The age ofthe brand-new student is:
Q10. If six hand-works were ranked by two judges in a competition and the rankings are as follows:Hand Writing123456Judge1654321Judge2123456Then the value of Spearman's rank correlation coreliable is


Q1. Two numbers are in the proportion of 2: 3. If their sum is 20, then what is the sum of the squares of the two number?