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Transcribed photo text: Which of the complying with is an activity firm co-managers have to seriously consider in trying to improve the company's credit rating? (The financial meacertain supplied in determining agency crmodify ratings are questioned in the Help record connected with page 5 of the Camera & Drone Journal.) Using a section on the company's interior cash flows and also brand-new worries of widespread stock to pay greater dividends to shareholders Repurchasing shares of the company's common stock; this will reduced the cash offered for paying dividends, which can then be reallocated to paying down the company's bank loans and thus enhancing its debt-equity percentages Temporarily reducing yearly camera and drone output at the assembly infrastructure to conserve on assembly expenses using the cash conserved to repurchase shares of stock in Year 10 and also beyond Issuing additional shares of stock and also using the proceeds to pay dvery own 5-year and also 10-year loans Withillustration all funds from the company's maintained earnings account on the balance sheet and utilizing the cash to pay off bank loans A company's managers need to practically always provide severe consideration to making considerable adjustments in its camera/drone tactics and also competitive approaches as soon as the company's operating profits per action video camera offered are not dramatically above the industry-average benchmarks in at leastern 3 geographic regions (as reported on p. 6 of the the majority of current Camera & Drone Journal). all or a lot of of its competitors are utilizing greatly different competitive approaches and therefore the marketlocation is not significant enough to accommoday all of the competitors. the company's sector share for activity camages has actually not been the largest for two directly years and when its EPS and ROE have actually likewise not been the highest in the sector for 2 straight years. all or many of its competitors are utilizing greatly copycat competitive ideologies that make it hard for any kind of of these suppliers to capture sales volumes and also profits substantial enough to earn revenues big sufficient to satisfy investor-supposed EPS, ROE, and also stock price appreciation targets. the variety of video camera and also drone workstations the firm has actually installed is NOT well over the industry-averages (as reported on pperiods 6 and also 7 of the a lot of recent Camera & Drone Journal).