Derived demand also occurs when tbelow is a demand also for a good or element of manufacturing resulting from demand for an intermediate good or service.

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Example – cellphones and also lithium batteries

The climb in demand also for smart phones and also other mobile devices has brought about a solid increase in demand also for lithium. Lithium is provided in the batteries.

Higher demand also for mobile phones has led to higher demand for lithium batteries.

Derived demand also – straight and also indirect


The rise in demand also for cellphones will also reason acquired demand for various other components such as glass display screens and micro-chips.

Indirectly, a rise in demand also for smart phones might cause a climb in demand also for retail premises (to offer them). Tright here will certainly likewise be derived demand also for energy/move and also food solutions in the place where phones are developed offered.

Example of Labour as Derived Demand


In this instance, higher demand for buying coffee leads to better demand for baristas (coffee-makers)

The demand for financial tutors relies on the demand for students wishing to study economics. If students sign up for an economics course, then the college will certainly demand also tutors to have the ability to teach the students.

The demand for coal workers is extremely dependent upon the demand also for coal. As the demand for British coal dropped in the 1980s, demand also for coal miners declined.

Marginal Revenue Product Theory

Marginal Revenue Product Theory states that demand for labour counts upon the performance of a worker and the marginal revenue of the items offered. MRP = MPP * MR

MPP = Marginal physical productMR = Marginal Revenue of goods sold

If demand also for the excellent rise, the price and also MR will boost bring about higher demand also.

Transport as Derived Demand

Demand also for transfer has a tendency to be established by the demand also for another service/activity. If people must obtain to job-related, they will demand also more bus journeys. Few world take a bus for the intrinsic pleasure of a bus journey.

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Demand also for automobile travel in the UK is carefully related to economic growth. WIth even more financial activity, tright here is greater demand for travelling by car.