“I learn so much when I perform my homejob-related.”“Doing homejob-related provides me understand also my principles much better.”“I complete my homework bereason the teacher gives us marks for each assignment.”“I enjoy doing my homework because it is so much fun.”
Option 3 : “I complete my homeoccupational bereason the teacher provides us marks for each assignment.”
Motivation refers to the procedure that guides an individual to achieve a goal. There are two main kinds of inspiration which incorporate extrinsic and intrinsic motivation.

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Let's Understand also in Brief:



Arises/pushed from

External sources

Internal sources


Parents, teachers, and also others



Reinforcements – punishments or reward

Values and also enjoys in doing an activity


1. “I finish my homejob-related bereason the teacher provides us marks for each assignment.”

2. Going to institution on time to avoid punishment for late coming.

3. Playing a game to obtain prizes.

4. Learning an art to please parents’ desire.

1. Enjoying doing the homework-related.

2. Learning through homejob-related.

3. Doing homework-related to understand also the concepts much better.

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Hence, it might be concluded that the sentence“I finish my homeoccupational because the teacher gives us marks for each assignment" isan instance of extrinsic motivation.

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