Question: A high school teacher recently won $1-million on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire by effectively answering this question: Which of the following males does not have a chemical aspect named after him? (A) Albert Einstein; (B) Isaac Newton; (C) Niels Bohr; (D) Enrico Fermi. The answer was Newton. My question: What chemical aspects are called after the other three?

Answer: They are einsteinium (chemical symbol Es, atomic number 99); bohrium (symbol Bh, atomic number 107); and also fermium (symbol Fm, atomic number 100).

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All three are artificially developed radioenergetic aspects. Of the 109 well-known elements, 91 occur naturally on or in Earth, virtually every one of them just in compounds. Scientists developed the majority of of the remaining 18, and three more not yet known by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, in pwrite-up accelerators.

Einsteinium was uncovered in 1952 and also was first produced in laboratory experiments in 1954.

Production of bohrium was announced in 1976 by researchers at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, close to Moscow. Until 1997, once the aspect was offered its main name, bohrium commonly was referred to ssuggest as "element 107."

Named for the Italian nuclear physicist who developed the first controlled nuclear chain reactivity, fermium was discovered in 1953 by a team of Amerideserve to scientists.

Herbalife founder

Question: A current obituary for Mark Hughes, founder of the Herbalife Corp., shelp an autopsy was planned. I didn"t view a follow-up about the outcomes. Do you have actually any kind of update?

Answer: The Los Angeles County coroner"s office figured out that Hughes passed away accidentally as the result of a lethal combination of alcohol and also an anti-depressant. Hughes, 44, was discovered dead on May 21 in his Malibu, Calif., mansion. The autopsy was percreated bereason of his relatively young age.

Hughes" blood-alcohol level at the moment of death was found to be 0.21 percent, almost three times the legally identified level of intoxication, and also he had actually an elevated level of the drug doxepin, said Scott Carrier, spokesguy for the coroner"s office. Doxepin occasionally is prescribed for anxiety-induced sleeplessness, and it is thought that"s why Hughes was utilizing it. Neither the alcohol nor the drug was existing in enough quantity to have been the sole reason of death, Carrier included.

Tright here was no indication of foul play or intentional overdose. On the day of his death, Hughes attended his grandmother"s birthday party, wright here he consumed alcohol, according to Herbalife.

According to the Herbalife Web website, Hughes came to be interested in nutrition at 18 as soon as his mom, JoAnn Hughes, died of an accidental overdose from prescription diet pills. Alengthy through Rictough Marconi, a previous colleague at Slender Now, Hughes began the multimillion-dollar Herbalife empire in 1980.

Bagpipes at funerals

Question: Bagpipes often are played at funerals and also other solemn ceremonies involving police and firefighters. How did this legacy begin?

Answer: The practice of making use of bagpipes at the funerals of firefighters and police police officers began in the 19th century in Northeastern cities, especially New York and also Boston, wright here many kind of of the members came from the ranks of Irish and also Scottish immigrants. It supposedly came from the use of bagpipes at funerals in the Scottish military.

In the United States, the playing of bagpipes spcheck out from the Northeast to cities anywhere and currently is standard procedure, no matter the ethnic descent of the police officer or firefighter.

OBE awards

Question: I"ve just learned that a frifinish in England also has actually been awarded an OBE, Officer of the Order of the British Empire, on Queen Elizabeth"s Birthday Honors List. Do you understand just how many kind of world received that honor this year?

Answer: About 240. The list honors civilization in all walks of life _ political leaders, civil servants, company world, doctors, teachers and also others _ for their contributions to their professions and also to charity.

The honors, in descending order, are knighthood and its female identical, dame; CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire); OBE; and also MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire).

Double Oscar-winning actor Michael Caine was awarded a knighthood, heading a list of celebrities in the honors list that had Sam Mendes, director of the Oscar-winning film American Beauty (CBE); Harry Potter writer Joanne K. Rowling (OBE); thriller writer Dick Francis (CBE); pop singer Lulu Kennedy-Cairns, whose professional name is sindicate Lulu (OBE); Tina Brown, British-born editor of New York"s Talk magazine (CBE); and fashion designer Paul Smith (knighthood), whose clients include British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Any relation?

Question: Lisa Stark has actually been a constant reporter on ABC Nightly News for some time.

Within the past two or three years, Betsy Stark additionally has actually come aboard. Are they related?

Answer: No.

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